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Saying goodbye.

17 Jan 2018

LPG hopes that BR’s advice will be helpful to readers who find themselves with this problem and perhaps can provoke other solutions to be offered for posting on our site.


A Bit Of An Electric Shock!

16 Jan 2018

Here is one way to deal with all the bits and bobs that we collect over the years.  Though CM admits that it is not fool proof….  

The Blue Depression Revisited

15 Jan 2018

Do you feel that you are verging on the edge of being depressed?  LPG has some news for you today which could help to explain why and give an insight into a few ways to sort it.

Show your computer who is the boss!

14 Jan 2018

OG offers a bit of advice- news for those of us who are tittering on joining the club of despondent silver surfers.

Don’t leave it to all the others

13 Jan 2018

We all know it is true but perhaps we needed DL’s reminder about one of those things that we can do to make a real difference to someone else’s life.

Never Too Old To Learn

12 Jan 2018

Retirement is a perfect time to start doing things you always wanted to do but never had the time for. Finally, you have the time to explore your interests in more detail. Because people are never too old to learn new skills, adult education can be a very rewarding experience.  

Let’s face it: sometimes we all need some advice

11 Jan 2018

Most people have faced problems that seemed hard to solve. In these situations, getting the right help and support can be the only way to find out what to do. The problem is that sometimes we don’t know where to go to get  free, confidential and non-judgemental help.

Why should we be careful with herbal supplements?

10 Jan 2018

Herbal supplements are a type of dietary supplement that contains herbs or part of a plant used for its potential therapeutic properties. We don’t need a prescription to buy them and they can be good for us. But we have to be careful.

Learning how to learn at our age?

09 Jan 2018

There’s all sorts of news for us elders and LPG would like to think that KN’s offering will spur some of our readers on to achieving some really special things.  If these writings are the start of something significant in your life, don’t forget to share your experience with your fellow LPG readers.

Ladies and gentlemen, we should all be thankful for soap

08 Jan 2018

This is more of a revelation than news but LPG can see PB’s point here.  

PPI Deadline.

07 Jan 2018

The adverts are trying to bring this one to your attention and KE tells gives us his version of the rules.  See LPG's bit of research in today's editorial.

No water meter for me?

06 Jan 2018

PC’ story illustrates one of the many the ironyies of the establishment.  Please go to today's editorial page to read more information.

The yellow stuff in curry.

05 Jan 2018

So the question is are you into Curry? Because it appears it can do a lot of us a lot of good if we can find a way to let it.



Careful What You Flush!

04 Jan 2018

This is a prime example of bad news that we can each do our little bit to make better whatever our age

More nurses needed!

03 Jan 2018

The news here is BE’s perspective on what we can do to change the situation for those who find themselves in hospital in the future. 

Ready for next summer

02 Jan 2018

GW has a point to share by suggesting that we make some news of our own.  Don’t forget to share your experience with LPG after the event.

2018 and beyond!

01 Jan 2018

LPG hopes that making LB’s first achievement of 2018 a reality will help to keep her on the path that realises her achievements.

An LPG pep-talk

31 Dec 2017

LPG feels the need to remind readers to take a last look at 2017 before we move onwards and upwards….

The sunset law

30 Dec 2017

Some may argue with LPG’s thoughts here, but this bit of news is age old and always worth remembering. 

Alternative reality?

29 Dec 2017

Perhaps watching someone else’s struggle puts our own into perspective but, where make-belief was sufficient in the past,  many of us have grown into a species that needs to see these emotions for real regardless of age.  

What God Says About Getting Older

28 Dec 2017

As has been said before, LPG finds news in many shapes.  This is a little diverse but will add value to the lives of at least some of the people who read it.  

Spoiling for a fight?

26 Dec 2017

YB offers a little history lesson just in case you have the time to read it…

Basic mathematics, Resolutions, ‘Bah humbug’.

25 Dec 2017

This is a bit of news that LPG plans to repeat in the autumn in the hope that the readers it is aimed at will not only read but do something about it.  Happy Christmas.

Don’t Miss The Moment

24 Dec 2017

BN, has hit upon something that we often have and don’t make real use of.  Many of us see this as something that young people do but she has given us some really good reasons to follow their lead.  After all, News would not be the same without pictures.

Meal for one?

23 Dec 2017

This is the sort of news that often comes with the territory of being older.

Someone Missing,- they don’t stay young long.

22 Dec 2017

PF has highlighted an issue that perhaps is heightened at during the winter months, and LPG is happy to share her appeal. 

How to survive allergy season?

21 Dec 2017

Warmer weather and seasonal allergies go hand in hand. Everybody faces the possibility of suffering from allergies, but seniors need to be especially careful with it. Good news is that there are some measures that you can take to get through the allergy season safely.

I T driving me mad!

20 Dec 2017

If you still drive, even though you are not so good with the internet, LPG suggests that you take note of this item. 

Will Boys be boys?

19 Dec 2017

GM’s comments beg the question can we elders influence our children in helping to improve society for the better?

Maroon plaques and pride

18 Dec 2017

Edith Nesbit, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Margaret and Rachel McMillan… They all have lived in Lewisham and they all have been commemorated with Lewisham maroon plaques. You have probably seen them around our borough.

Hips and the elderly

17 Dec 2017

Did you know that for every 10 hip fractures, about 9 occur in people over the age of 60? There is an explanation: elderly people are at a higher risk for falling and there are some physical factors that have an influence on the chances of having a fracture.

It makes me smile now…

16 Dec 2017

In LPG world news comes in many guises.  This bit of ‘news’ is the sort that comes under the category of ‘we have all been there’.  If you have a story which will make others smile? Please let us know.  Just phone, email or write to us using the information on our contact page.  We will do the writing and make sure that anonymity is maintained to protect the embarrassed.

Tips on cooking healthy

15 Dec 2017

A healthy diet doesn’t have to be bland. There are many easy ways to make nutritious and great tasting meals. These are some tips:

What to get for the kids…

14 Dec 2017

Just in case you have not completed yours yet LPG wants to share UT’s thoughts on Christmas presents for the younger ones. 

The importance of a colourful diet

13 Dec 2017

You have surely heard it many times: we need to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and legumes and we have to eat them every day. But why are these foods generally healthier than, let’s say, a steak or a hamburger?


12 Dec 2017

This is perhaps one of those age old issues that many of us ignore but that we need to address however hard that becomes.  LPG wanted to provide a memory jogger just in case you or someone you know needs one.   We also have sourced a few 


Please see today's editorial 

What is a MRSA infection?

11 Dec 2017

Do the initials MRSA mean anything to you? Or maybe you have heard of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus infections. MRSA is a type of bacteria that is resistant to several widely used antibiotics such as penicillin, amoxicillin and methicillin.

The basics of computers

10 Dec 2017

Computers have changed our world and they play a crucial role in modern society. The problem is that many of us are missing out and it is a pity. Computers offer great opportunities and refusing to learn about what technology can provide us stops us from enjoying its benefits.

Elderly bruising and physical changes

09 Dec 2017

Have you noticed that you bruise more often than you used to? If you have, don’t worry it is totally normal. As we age, our bodies undergo different natural changes. One of those changes is that our skin’s ability to repair itself diminishes, and wounds are slower to heal.

Sing and be happy

08 Dec 2017

Pensioners sometimes face the problem of finding healthy and fun activities to fill the day. Walking, reading, and going out with friends are just some examples. But there is an activity that is both fun and healthy that many people don’t consider, as they think that they are no good at it: singing.

A little pre-Christmas present from Lewisham Council.

07 Dec 2017

Many drivers will already know,  but LPG hopes to make sure that a few more people become aware about one of Lewisham councils little Christmas incentives.

Get the care that you deserve

06 Dec 2017

We all want to live an independent and fulfilling life, but sometimes we need some kind of health and social care. There are basically two different types: non-residential care (care in your own home) and residential care (living in a care home).

Consider rolling with your contract

05 Dec 2017

One of our LPG volunteers came into contact with a person who managed to put herself in this position, and would like to take this opportunity to warn all our other readers so that you are prepared, in the event that it happens to you.  

Cats and dogs are amazing, but what about birds?

04 Dec 2017

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets. However, they are not for everybody. Looking after a cat or a dog requires time and effort, and not everybody can provide them. Sometimes, cats and dogs are not welcome in apartment buildings, so another option has to be found in case we want to own a pet.

Alzheimer: some signs to watch out for

03 Dec 2017

Our memory changes when we get older and that is normal, but the symptoms of Alzheimers go way beyond simple lapses in memory. People with Alzheimers experience difficulties communicating, learning, thinking, and reasoning...

Off line shopping – back in the day

02 Dec 2017

With just 23 days left to finish the annual chore of doing the Christmas shopping.  It is sometimes really nice to look back and remember how thigs used to be.  Have you still got a memory like PB’s to share?

The ‘them’ club

01 Dec 2017


This is how one pensioner’s sees one aspect of bring a pensioner.  Do you have a different point of view that you would like to offer for publication?  

Looking Good!

30 Nov 2017

This is an age old but really important news item as HH a really good point that we often forget. 

Why is recycling important?

29 Nov 2017

We have been told many times that recycling is important, but do you really know why? These are the main reasons why we all should separate our waste for recycling:

By Alternative Appointment?

28 Nov 2017

Here is a scheme that the Lewisham GPs hope will improve the chances of patients’ getting appointments although we will have to wait and see what happens in New Cross.  See what LPG’s research uncovered in today’s editorial post.

Where do people live the longest?

27 Nov 2017

People tend to think that life expectancy is mainly determined through genes, but that is not true. Did you know that lifestyle is the most important factor in determining not only how long we live, but also the quality of our life?

Lewisham to introduce changes to recycling rules

26 Nov 2017

Using fewer natural resources is one of the main reasons for recycling. We have assumed that looking after the environment is our responsibility and recycling as much rubbish as we can is one of the best practices.


25 Nov 2017

Here is a story that may interest you. 
On 13/11/14 I bought a mobile phone from the EE shop in Lewisham and it worked really well. I have limited hearing and found this phone to be perfect for my needs.

Canes and walking sticks, don’t make you look old they make you look wise

24 Nov 2017

One reason why people don’t want to use a cane is because they don’t want to look old. That is a big mistake. A walking stick is used to get the balance that people lose as they age or become less mobile. Just think about it this way. You don’t want to use a walking stickand then one day you lose balance and fall.

A personal Pooh salute.

23 Nov 2017

LPG wanted to share UR’s thoughts because it is always good to have something to smile about. 

Address book complications

22 Nov 2017

This is a spin off letter which LPG hopes will help readers when they are going through the motions of transfering their information from one mobile phone to another.

Customs v Insurance.

21 Nov 2017

This is one of those issues that present it every now and then.  If reading this letter it registers with you it could be because you are one of those relatives living outside the UK, which sends the odd gift to someone who lives inside the UK it may be worth taking this on board.

Ready… Steady… GP!  (…I mean GO!)

20 Nov 2017

I have always understood that when I visit my doctor I have just 15 minutes to communicate my problem to him or her, and when I feel unwell enough to need a consultation I am usually confronted with the choice of having to wait for days...

Mice and computers again.

19 Nov 2017

GB, makes an alarming point or two after a recent e-experience.

Giving Away Our Power To Choose

18 Nov 2017

UR has hit upon something that we all need to think about if want to preserve the values of one of our activities for the generations that follow us.

My new get fit rule.

17 Nov 2017

The fact that getting fit is good for us all is old news really, but Anonymous of internet-world’s take on how to get started may interest you.

Elderly pneumonia and why we should care

16 Nov 2017

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs that is usually caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or other organisms. It is a very serious illness that has to be treated straight away no matter how old you are, but especially if you are older.

Yet another number to remember…

15 Nov 2017

Did you know that your mobile phone has two significant numbers?  The first is your SIM, or phone number.  It usually begins with the digits 07… and is the number that all your friends have and use when they want to contact you.

“Good morning”.

14 Nov 2017

Such simple concepts but as we get older so many of us really value such a simple offering.

No, Not The Monkey.

13 Nov 2017


To the LPG News comes in all shapes and sizes and this is one of the more unconventional items we have to offer. 

Not always about money

12 Nov 2017

Here is a little information, which may be mutually advantageous and really good news for those who have a little time and are brave enough for a challenge.

Take part in Lewisham’s war memorials projects

11 Nov 2017

War memorials are important because they act as historical touchstones. They link the past to the present and enable people to remember and respect the sacrifice of those who died, fought, participated or were affected by conflicts.

Foot/ankle trouble? It may be tendinitis.

10 Nov 2017

Here us a condition where the symptoms could pass you by but for JL’s experience.

The Origin Of A Word

09 Nov 2017

This is a very sobering thought as we approach Remembrance Day, for those that did not know…

Be someone’s person to talk to.

08 Nov 2017

This is a common problem for elders and perhaps CP’s suggestion is the way forward for some of us. 

Why Buses can’t be early; My version.

07 Nov 2017

Now, as the weather is beginning to get colder, LPG hopes that this information will forearm readers for this inevitable predicament when next they are affected.

How To Become A Skype Grandparent

06 Nov 2017

Here is something that might bring grand parents and their grandchildren I little closer together no matter how far away they live geographically.

Too much commitment

05 Nov 2017

An LPG reader askes a very pertinant question.  Please let us know your thoughts and comments on our contact page....

Positive Ageing Council, Where Your Voice Can Be Heard 

04 Nov 2017

Lewisham Council wants your voice to be heard, and that's why The Positive Ageing Council was established in 2011. The aim of this group is to provide a space where the elderly can share views and ideas, meet new people and join in with social activities. 

Seasonal allergies in the elderly?

03 Nov 2017

Nobody is exempt from seasonal allergies. However, seniors often have complicating factors such as chronic diseases that make it more difficult to treat them. This is what you should do...

Why Are Parks Important?

02 Nov 2017

We are lucky to live in London, a city full of great parks and green spaces. When the summertime comes, we all feel like spending more time outdoors, and when the sun is out, going to the park is always a good plan. Parks have many health benefits.

Computers - Turning the thing on

01 Nov 2017

Here is an interesting bit of advice about one of those predicaments that we often find ourselves in these days.  PA offers her solution…

More rubbishy concerns

31 Oct 2017

LPG suspects that GF is not the only LPG reader who has these concerns.  Check today’s editorial for the result of LPG’s research on the subject.  

What To Do When It Is Too Hot

30 Oct 2017

Hot weather is normally welcome. Who doesn’t enjoy a warm and sunny day out? However, when it is too hot for too long, we have to take special precautions. Of course a heat wave can affect anyone, but older people (along with babies and young children) are especially vulnerable.

Beautiful Places Not Far From Home 

29 Oct 2017

Now that summer has arrived, you might be feeling like spending more time outdoors. There are thousands of things you can do in and around London; however, it is very nice to discover new places. Here is a list of day trips from London that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

101 years of the summertime act

28 Oct 2017

LPG feels the need to remind its website visitors that they need to change their clocks today.   But did you know that we have only just missed the centenary of the practice?

The length of the stick and the state of your back.

27 Oct 2017

LPG recognises JE’s  advice as a bit of educational news that their readers can all  benefit from knowing…

Online donations are great, but you have to be careful

26 Oct 2017

The Internet has become an important tool for charities and other organisations to spread their message and get funding and new members. Websites and social networks allow them to provide information about what they stand for and what they do to make our world a better place.

It’s not working…

25 Oct 2017

We are used to hearing all the success stories but few people are willing to offer their version of the harsh truth.  CJ tells it like it is.

Introduction note.

24 Oct 2017

Here is some news with old news thrown into the mix.  Take a look and see if you remember this event in the same way that UG tells it.  

Never Too Old To Help

23 Oct 2017

We spend most of our lives working and we get used to being busy. It’s not strange that, when retirement comes, we feel that we have too much free time. Nowadays, many retired people are still capable of performing many activities so there’s no point in staying in all day watching TV.

Rheumatism and weather?

22 Oct 2017

Rheumatism is a word that refers to the pain of a variety of disorders, including inflamed, infected, injured or worn-out muscles and joints. ‘My joints ache’ is probably something that you have heard many times and, in fact, this pain can be related to rheumatism.

Door-to-door fraud and bogus callers: what to do?

21 Oct 2017

Doorstep selling involves someone selling you goods or services in your home or on your doorstep. This is a legitimate activity that many businesses use. But so do fraudsters.  Older people and children are more vulnerable in many ways.

Remembering in October

20 Oct 2017

CMJ has written about her experience, which is her small contribution to the invaluable information on a subject which we hope that more of our pensioners in Lewisham will be encouraged to share. 

The Internet and its risks

19 Oct 2017

The Internet has brought us many advantages. It is an amazing source of information that has changed the way we access knowledge. News, scientific and history articles, pictures, maps, and recipes are only a small part of what can be found online.

I Blame Myself For my UBER Experience.

18 Oct 2017

Uber  was in the new recently but, as HA explains, they cannot be blamed for the predicament that she found herself in on this occasion.

Sleep Like A Baby

17 Oct 2017

Did you now that one in three people over 65 yrs. suffer from some kind of sleep disorder? And did you know that many of them are unaware that they have a problem? There is a reason behind this lack of awareness.

A one sided situation

16 Oct 2017

If LPG readers already know this they have most probably learned through relatively harsh experience, and if, having read this article they have learned something new, DS has truly done our readers a service. 

Changing shopping habits.

15 Oct 2017

This is accepted as a very modern way of going about things, which is designed for the young.  But as we get a little older, and the weather gets a little colder, it is an alternative worth considering…

Life perspectives…

14 Oct 2017

This is age old news really, but it is a fundamental message that we oldies need to keep being reminded of.

Fewer germs in the theatre.

13 Oct 2017

What is your point of view here?   LPG would love to hear your reaction.

Can pain be improved by mind over matter.

12 Oct 2017

CP has focussed in on a major symptom of growing older here and, for us who have not experienced chronic pain so far in our lives, it is easy to dismiss what has been said, but we had all better prepare. It makes good sense.  

Don’t forget to check the pack…

11 Oct 2017

LPG hopes that this reminder may be valuable to those who were there this year and remind all that next year’s event will be worth a visit.

Loneliness –my point of view…

10 Oct 2017

This is an ongoing predicament for those of us who are older and LPG thought it necessary to bring it to the fore again.   The big problem is finding ways of making new friends in a world where, for some, the motivation to go out becomes a challenge?  If you have any ideas, make contact with LPG,  please allow us to publish them.

Charities: - who are they helping?

09 Oct 2017

Are our donations paying wages or helping someone to make a change and what happened to the ability to give anonymously?

Swimming is also for disabled people

08 Oct 2017

Swimming is one of the healthiest physical activities, and you don’t need to be in excellent shape to start swimming. Even people with some disabilities can benefit from it. When it comes to swimming, disabled people obviously have special needs...

Buy local, buy fresh, buy healthy

07 Oct 2017

We’ve heard many times that the quality of food is not as good as it used to be. However, in recent years local farmer’s markets have sprung up and there are many reasons to support these markets.

Cable Chaos

06 Oct 2017

I decided to have a bit of a change round recently which constituted swapping the placement of my TV and a chair in my living room.  I knew that I would have to put my back into moving the furniture, but I forgot how many wires would be involved.

A new innovation for us?

05 Oct 2017

A Lewisham pensioner wants to say a real thank you to a worker who went the extra mile.

A free marketplace!

04 Oct 2017

We at LPG like to think of ourselves as being an online magazine that focusses on all things pertinent for the older section of the community in internet land, but every now and then we need to focus on the Borough.  If you know someone in Lewisham who can benefit from reading this post, please let them know.

The disappearing Bee

03 Oct 2017

Today’s news item has emphasised a very real worry.  Now that the summer is coming to an end again CP shares his concern here with quite a few people and LPG takes to opportunity to spread his thoughts.  See today's editorial posting for more information.

A child of the war

02 Oct 2017

An LPG visitor reminds us that there were even aspects of war that we can smile about.

Why aging is great

01 Oct 2017

Aging is often seen as something negative. Many times, people often associate aging with physical and psychological decline. However, there are many positive things about getting older and it is not difficult to come up with some.

The importance of maintaining healthy family relationships

30 Sep 2017

Family is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. What we are depends greatly on our family and the way we relate to our relatives and how they treat us when we are young determines who we are as an adult.

Have you got yours yet?

30 Sep 2017

JA has thrown up a really pertinent point here – it is something that only gets thrown into the mix when it happens to a particular person and JA’s take on it will really help you to focus and be forearmed if this happens to you

How to sleep better as you get older

29 Sep 2017

As we get older, we might start noticing that we wake up earlier or throughout the night and fall asleep during the day. Experts recommend adults get seven to nine hours of sleep every night, however, not everybody needs to sleep that much.

How to look good in old age

28 Sep 2017

It is thought that looking good loses its importance as we age. However, we should not think that way. Looking good can help us feel more confident, and having self-confidence is important no matter how old we are. Here you can find six ways to look good at any age...

Don’t try this on a mountain top.

27 Sep 2017

…or perhaps our advice should be just "Don’t try this!" though LPG can see the funny side


Celebrate today – start learning a new language.

26 Sep 2017

Here is a newsworthy prospect.  Perhaps by this time next year you could find yourself celebrating learning a new skill.

Can crosswords keep your mind young?

25 Sep 2017

We all know how important it is to keep a healthy body, but keeping our mind sharp should be a priority too. If you Google “how to keep my mind sharp”, you will get millions of results. You might find some of them boring, but there are also fun ways to exercise your mind and keep it young. Doing crosswords is one of those fun ways.

Find the right health service for you

24 Sep 2017

Sometimes we are not sure where to go with our injury or illness and that is a problem. Very often we go to A&E when it is not really necessary. As a result, too much pressure is put on these services and it makes it more difficult to treat those people in most need.

You don’t know what you are missing!

23 Sep 2017

Thank you, LD, for sending us your experience of this event.  We would very much like to be able to pass on similar information about all the events that take place in our and neighbouring boroughs. So please let us know your experience if you attend such an event…

Roll Out The Dice Again 

22 Sep 2017

Technology seems to have taken over every aspect of our world. Computers are at home, in our workplaces, in shops… Have you ever felt that it is getting more and more difficult to find an activity that doesn’t involve technology at all?

Play Games, Play Your Brain

21 Sep 2017

Much has been written about the importance of exercising one’s brain. The possibilities are endless: you can make a list and try to memorise it, you can do math in your head without the aid of pencil and paper, you can visualise the spelling of a word in your head and try to think of other words that begin or end with the same letters… 

Social Care Services: Any Complaints?

20 Sep 2017

Lewisham council wants to know what people think of the care services they provide, that’s why they encourage you to give your feedback. Whether you’re a service user, a relative or a carer, your opinion is important to change what needs to be changed, keep what needs to be kept and improve what needs some improvement.  

Fobbed off or followed up?

19 Sep 2017

The English are notorious for not rocking the boat and thereason sited is usually that they don’t have the time.  LPG readers perhaps have just a little more time that most to make a difference. 

Lewisham Gateway Project To Redefine Lewisham Town Center 

18 Sep 2017

Lewisham has changed a lot over the years, yet it needs to continue improving. The Lewisham Gateway project is one of the most ambitious development schemes and it will drastically change Lewisham town center.

Be Active, Be Healthy

17 Sep 2017

Laziness is one of our biggest enemies. Sedentary lifestyle is dangerous to your health and there are many risks associated to physical inactivity: cardiovascular health problems, weigh gain, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis…

Why Don't You Become A Writer? 

16 Sep 2017

Have you ever thought about becoming a writer? Did you write in the past, but stopped? Whether you are 60, 80 or 100, it is never too late to take up writing. It is not only a hobby, but it also has several health benefits.

Step Out With Your Grandchildren 

15 Sep 2017

The world has changed a lot since we were children, as has the way children have fun. Maybe you would like to spend more time with your grandchildren but you don't really know what to do with them. In fact, there are so many options that it is difficult to choose just one. 

Painting And Your Health 

14 Sep 2017

Artistic activities have many health benefits. For example, painting has a calming effect and it can help you feel happier. It can also improve several human capacities: concentration, patience, determination, discipline, and creativity.  

Getting Involved In Arts 

13 Sep 2017

Are you interested in arts? If you are, why don't you get involved? It is not difficult. There are many arts organisations in Lewisham that offer exciting volunteering opportunities.  

Advice and observation

12 Sep 2017

LPG is about more than that which is usually recognised as news and perhaps CMJ’s thoughts are worth taking the time to consider.

Share Your Passion For Reading

11 Sep 2017

Reading doesn't have to be lonely. If you love reading and discussing books, why don't you join a reading group? Just think about it. Reading groups offer spaces where you can discuss the books you read and express your opinion about the books that other members have read.

Why do I need to ‘bulk buy’’?

10 Sep 2017

Have you seen the advertisement where the Meerkat is looking for a meal for one? The poor meerkat looks so dejected at the end.

Do You Need To Carry Out Some Home Maintenance?  

09 Sep 2017

Everybody occasionally faces unavoidable expenses, both younger and older people, and home maintenance is a very common one. You probably know someone who had to spend an important amount of money to upgrade the bathroom to make it safer or solve moisture problems.

The Benefits Of Reading

08 Sep 2017

Think of the last time you read a book. Maybe you're a regular reader so it hasn't been too long since you last finished one (perhaps you're currently reading a book!).

Feel Free To Move With The Freedom Pass 

07 Sep 2017

Millions of people use public transport in London every day and you are probably among them. Public transport has different fares that depend on the distance and the mode of transport, but did you know that you could save a lot of money by using the Freedom Pass? 

Gentlemen Please!

06 Sep 2017

Even if you are a gentleman who is not near enough to take advantage of the particular club highlighted at the bottom of this posting, starting something similar in your area could be the way forward.

A Child’s plea

05 Sep 2017

Mums and Dads, even if you haven’t got a clue about how to use the thing, just being able to answer it can give such peace of mind.  Please read TB’s very important appeal here.

Help To Live Independently

04 Sep 2017

Having the physical and mental capacity to live independently doesn’t mean that you don’t need any kind of help. As we get older, some activities become harder and sometimes we need a helping hand. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Community Gardens More Popular Than Ever

03 Sep 2017

In the late 1960s people started becoming aware of the importance of having green spaces in cities. As a consequence of this trend, community gardens became very popular. These spaces were created when the residents of a certain area transformed vacant sites into vegetable plots.

Celebration day

02 Sep 2017

Do our readers know just how many commemorative days there are in the world’s annual calendar these days?   We started off with Christmas, Birthdays and Easter but now we have so many ‘off the wall’ days that it is really mind-blowing. 

Staying cool

01 Sep 2017

We recently experienced the hottest August bank holiday on record, but this information may be something to remember if next year’s summer is as hot as this one has been.

Befriending, A Cure For Loneliness

31 Aug 2017

It’s estimated that more than 2 million people in England over the age of 75 live on their own. Living alone is not a problem as long as you have an active social life. However, more than a million elderly go for over a month without speaking to a family member or friend, and that this level of isolation can harm your mental health and may lead to depression.

1 month 2 soon – take care!

30 Aug 2017

Please note the picture I sent to you.  It shows a text that I received recently,  and looks like a notice from the DVLA reminding me to pay my car tax, but I was sure it had arrived a month early and my car is black not red.

it does exactly what it says on the tin!

29 Aug 2017

If you have not tried one of these yet we hope that JE’s little film may introduce you to a gismo that could be what you need at this time to make life so much easier for you.  Don’t forget to watch the associated film by clicking on the link (►►►)


Happy Legs?

28 Aug 2017

The day is almost over and your legs try to tell you to take a break and rest: they start swelling up, they feel heavier, they hurt and they even cramp. The only place they want to take you is straight to bed.

Eat Veggies, Live Longer

27 Aug 2017

Believe it! Several scientific studies have proven that eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables can help you live longer, with less illness. The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) followed more than half a million participants recruited across 10 European countries (the UK is among them) for almost 15 years.

Are you taking enough fibre?

26 Aug 2017

In recent years, the production of fibre-rich food has increased greatly. That’s not strange, as it has been proven that fibre is one of the most important components of our diet. Some of the benefits of fibre include: to help keep fit and loose weight (that’s why fibre is usually present in many weight-loss diets)...

The Spread Of Infection In Waiting Rooms

25 Aug 2017

The spread of infection in waiting rooms is very common, especially when seasonal flu time arrives. Sharing small public spaces with other people is inevitable, so you should follow some precautions to prevent infection.

Cat vs. Dogs

24 Aug 2017

When people retire, they suddenly feel that they have a lot spare time. There is a void that needs to be filled in order to keep mentally healthy. Getting a pet can be a perfect solution. If you decide to adopt a pet, you’ll probably have to answer this question: dog or cat?

Remote access - take care! / Are "Microsoft calling"

23 Aug 2017

Just imagine being able to use a computer without being near it.  If on a train using your internet-ready mobile, tablet or laptop you could access a computer you left on at home to get information out of it.

Temptation at 3 o’clock in the morning.

22 Aug 2017

This is an age old problem for the age older.  LPG wanted to learn a little more about the issues that arise out of AJ's inability to sleep well, and today’s editorial offers some solutions.

Grow Vegetables, Grow Friendships

21 Aug 2017

Now that spring has arrived, you might be feeling like spending more time outdoors. There are a wide range of activities that you can do in the fresh air, but few of them turn out to be as gratifying as growing your own food.

To Claim Or Not To Claim?

20 Aug 2017

Did you know that each year up to £3.5bn of Pension Credit and Housing Benefits go unclaimed by older people? Just look around. You probably know some people who were not aware of the possibility of applying for some allowances until you told them about their existence.

Walking routes for everybody

19 Aug 2017

Walking is a healthy and popular hobby. This outdoor activity shouldn’t be seen as an obligation. The secret of enjoying walking is to find the right place to go for a walk. If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy going for a walk in the park.

Do the boogie

18 Aug 2017

It has been proven that people with mood disorders who participate in dancing lessons, feel less depressed and experience significant reductions in their levels of anxiety and stress. Dancing can also increase people’s strength and balance and help them walk better.

Make some lifestyle changes

17 Aug 2017

Have you had your NHS Health Check and have found out that you are at an increased risk of developing certain conditions such as heart attack, stroke or diabetes? If that’s your case, you need to make some lifestyle changes.

The benefits of swimming

16 Aug 2017

Swimming is one of the best all-round sports. It is a great way to stay healthy and active and it creates a healthy body and mind. Whether you can swim or not, it is never too late to start swimming. It is also a lifelong skill, so if you used to be able to swim, you probably haven’t forgotten how to do it.

Google knows all

15 Aug 2017

EW not only discovered this poem online, but her letter gave us the excuse we needed to highlight a facility that many of our readers have yet to discover.   Read today’s editorial for a little more information about Google. 

Deptford gets ready for the future

14 Aug 2017

Deptford is getting ready for the expected increase in population that new development plans in the area will bring. There is actually no time to waste. Two housing-led schemes will see over 300 new homes built in the town center, which will involve an additional demand on local services and public spaces. 

Keeping bits of paper

13 Aug 2017

In the summer of 2007 I bought a dress-watch at the Bluewater Branch of a fairly large Jewelery chain.  I did pay cash but I kept a record of the day I purchased it, the box and the bill.  (The bill faded and I eventually threw it away).

Street markets, part of our identity

12 Aug 2017

People have got used to buying all they need in the same space and that’s why the number of shopping centers in London keep rising. Lewisham Shopping Centre is one example. Right in front of it and even before it existed, Lewisham market was already there.

A new lifestyle for Lewisham Bugs.

11 Aug 2017

LPG would like to bring a different and worthwhile activity to the attention of the pensioners (and everyone else) of Lewisham and neighbouring boroughs. 

Decide the future of Lewisham

10 Aug 2017

We pensioners have our own needs and concerns, as well as other groups have theirs. We all have to work together to find the best solutions to our problems and achieve improvements that can benefit all the different groups in Lewisham.

Rivoli Dancehall: music and art deco

09 Aug 2017

Did you know that Lewisham is home of the only intact 1950s ballroom in London? Its name is the Rivoli Ballroom and it’s located in Crofton Park, on 350 Brockley Road (SE4 2BY). Surely many of you know this place very well and still remember many nights spent within its wall.

Why we love Lewisham

08 Aug 2017

If you have lived in Lewisham for your entire life or you are new in the borough, we all want our neighbourhoods to be pleasant places to live in. The fact is, there are many reasons to be proud of Lewisham.

No, depression doesn’t have to be a consequence of aging

07 Aug 2017

Did you know that depression is the most common mental illness found in older people? It is not a surprise, as some causes of depression include bereavement, loss of health and loss of health in a loved one, which are more common experiences for the elderly.

Money matters

06 Aug 2017

Banks cannot take your money away but, in the interests of keeping it secure, they have a policy of making accounts dormant if they see no activity over a period. For a current account, banks will typically do this after three years if no transactions are performed...

Stay connected with others

05 Aug 2017

Older people are especially vulnerable to loneliness and it has an effect on health. The elderly become socially isolated for several reasons: getting weaker, no longer being the hub of their family, leaving the workplace, the deaths of spouses and friends, going through illness…

More benefits of exercising and no more excuses

04 Aug 2017

study carried out by researchers from the University of Canberra and the Australian National University has proven that physical exercise improves cognitive functions, such as memory and attention, in the over 50s. Well, this is not a surprise.

Let’s be dementia-friendly

03 Aug 2017

As described by the NHS, dementia is a syndrome associated with an ongoing decline of the brain and its abilities that includes problems with memory loss, thinking speed, mental agility, language, understanding and judgment.

Is Adult Integrated Care Programme A Real Opportunity?

02 Aug 2017

Traditionally, healthcare has often been delivered in a fragmented manner, which has been based on a clear separation between health and social care services. This is probably not the best way of delivering a good service as both usually go hand in hand; so separating them makes not much sense.  

Love Your Dog, Love Your Borough.

01 Aug 2017

Have you got a dog? If you do, why don’t you take the Green dog walkers pledge? Continue reading to find out what it is, but before, let me explain the facts. As Lewisham Council reports, there are 8 million dogs in the UK and they produce 1,000 tonnes of excrement every day, which means 365,000 tonnes a year.

Nature’s Gym: Exercise And Environmental Preservation

31 Jul 2017

We all know how important physical activity is, especially as we age, but finding the right activity for you can be difficult. Do you not do any exercise because you haven’t found an activity that you enjoy? If that’s your case, continue reading.

My sleeping money

30 Jul 2017

At age 36 I am not a pensioner yet but I like to think that saving is something I have learned the value of.  So soon after I started working, I opened a current account that my salary is paid into and a savings account which came with the usual penalties if one decides to take money out at short notice.

Support Our Parks, Join A Park Users Group.

29 Jul 2017

There are many ways to get involved in your local community. If you enjoy nature and are considering volunteering, park users groups might be the best option for you. This groups provide support to the parks contractor in the day-to-day management of the park...

The Exchange, A Space To Share Your Life Experience

28 Jul 2017

One of the most pleasant feelings that older people can have is when they feel that someone wants to listen to what they have to say. Sometimes people forget that the elderly have something that only they have: a long and rich life experience. It can’t be bought, but it can be shared.

Investing In The Future

27 Jul 2017

We pensioners have to try to protect our rights and improve our lives. However, we can’t forget the importance of the youth. The future depends on them but it is our responsibility to provide them with the tools they need to succeed in life.

Stay Independent

26 Jul 2017

We all wish we could live an independent life, but it gets harder as we age. Suddenly, we realise that some activities that we used to do on our own become almost impossible without help. There is nothing to be ashamed of. 

Foot fundamentals

25 Jul 2017

Let’s face it, our feet are the foundation of our mobility.  They work hard all through our lives so they have a right to get a little lazy as we get older.

Beckenham Park Renovation

24 Jul 2017

Parks are crucial spaces in Lewisham. They are perfect places for socialising, pleasant spots for sports and excellent places to enjoy nature. You’ve probably been many times to some of the parks in Lewisham so you know how important the role they play in our community is.

Do You Remember Catford Greyhound Stadium?

23 Jul 2017

You probably remember Catford Greyhound Stadium. It opened in 1932 and it soon became one of the most popular places in Lewisham. Built on the land between Catford and Catford Bridge stations, it held races until 2003, when the stadium was closed.

Fast, Green, And Healthy: Reasons For Riding A Bicycle

22 Jul 2017

We live in a city where everyone is used to using public transport. Catching a bus or a train is part of many people’s daily routine. However, there is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative that can be the best choice for fairly short journeys.

Catford: Have A Say

21 Jul 2017

Lewisham Council has planned to regenerate Catford town Centre. Some of the changes in the area are these:
- The redevelopment of Catford Shopping Centre to create new retail space...

Yoga: Get Fit And Relax

20 Jul 2017

We all know the importance of being as fit as possible while aging. We are also aware of the relevance of living a stress-free life. Did you know that yoga is an ideal way to accomplish both? But what is yoga exactly?

Lewisham 300 Years Ago

19 Jul 2017

Lewisham has changed a lot over the years. We all remember how it used to be some years ago, but how did our borough look like 300 years ago? That’s not an easy question, but there is a website where you can get old pictures of our area that might help you have an idea of how it looked like.

Step by step you’d be surprised!

18 Jul 2017

Keeping healthy is a really important thing to do no matter how old you get.  Computers have allowed us all sorts of innovations and there are so many, but for the health conscious this might interest you.

What To Eat In Summer? 

17 Jul 2017

We all have heard that it is very important to drink lots of water during the summer, especially when it is very hot. However, some people don’t realise how important it is to follow a special summer diet too. This diet has to consist of light and healthy food that ensure a cool mind and body.  

Not always as mobile as you think

16 Jul 2017

Did you know that telephone numbers that begin with 07 are not always mobile numbers?  Numbers that start with’ 070’ or ‘076’ are often more expensive to call than others.  They can be premium telephone numbers and cost as much as £2.50 per minute to call. 

Watching what you missed yesterday

15 Jul 2017

Have you ever found yourself looking through the paper and finding something that you really would have liked to have seen on a Freeview channel but that is gone for ever?  If you have a smart TV you will be able to use ‘Catch up’ but if you don’t all is not lost.

Will you - won't you?

14 Jul 2017

Writing a will is important because it gives you an opportunity to do what you want with your belongings when the end of your time on Earth finally arrives.  The big problem is that it has become a bit of a racket with so many little companies offering the service these days and the cost varying widely.

Please remind me why we pay council tax again...

13 Jul 2017

I would like to tell you a story. This happened to someone who does not want to be named. It happened during the week after Christmas 2016 but before New Year, when many businesses and services are closed or working with minimum staff.

...and where will you?

12 Jul 2017

So once you have made the will how do you keep it safe?  You can hide it somewhere in your home, if you are sure that a prying family member will not have a sneak peak.  A bank that still offers a safety deposit box service is another option, if you can still find one.

LPG's reply to this

11 Jul 2017

You don’t have to have a business to need proof of purchase.  Keeping bank statements always helps.  If you paid cash for something the receipt is the only proof you have of your purchase, and the bill often incorporates information about extended warranties.

An LPG observation

10 Jul 2017

Direct debit can be a really good way of paying for services and goods that you want to buy.  When the direct debit system was being introduced to the British public in the late 1960s the system’s unique selling point was often the idea that to pay by direct debit gives the purchaser the freedom...

Little furry things

09 Jul 2017

For the past nine years I have lived in sheltered accommodation run by Lewisham Homes.  During that time there have been three occasions when I have had mice. The first time this happened, pest control was paid for by the landlords, but a couple of years afterwards I had to pay the Council to have the problem sorted again.

Getting there on time...

08 Jul 2017

I was checking the statistics on line recently and they show that I am one of the many people that suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.   The International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) informs that an estimated 10-15% of the UK's population is affected by IBS at any one time

The story of a Lewisham carer / The caring trap

07 Jul 2017

I was born in the West Indies and was lured to England by the promise of work and a new life in the late1980s.  I was in my mid 30s then and a little later I found love and got married to another West Indian. My husband had been married before and he is more than 30 years older than me.

Moving in together – one financial implication

06 Jul 2017

If you are a pensioner who loved and lost in your 40s or 50s, before finding a new ‘someone special’ later in life I, for one, am really glad for you.  There are so many lonely elders in the world and if two get together they make that statistic a little smaller...

Don't be rushed

05 Jul 2017

We hear lots of stories of people, especially older people, taking up NHS beds in hospitals. That is all very regrettable, but older people often find out that they have to go into residential care of some sort after a spell there.

Looking at them looking at you?

04 Jul 2017

For those of us that use computers broadband is a wonderful thing.  But it has only really been available to us this century.  Before then we were happy to access the World Wide Web through our landline telephones.

Getting sucked in! / Are you prey for scammers!

03 Jul 2017

This is one Lewisham Pensioner’s story that needs to be told...

Phone out of order - who can report it? / Is Data Protection working against you?

02 Jul 2017

If your phone is not working properly, sometimes you are the last to know.  I usually write about other people, but this story is personal.

Pensions - keeping it simple

01 Jul 2017

Isn’t life wonderful?  Pensioners have never had it so good!   In the last budget the Chancellor of the Exchequer gave roughly five million pensioners a little bit of extra financial freedom.

Capacity - To have and have not...

30 Jun 2017

There are no two ways about it; making sure that our wishes are upheld when we come to the end of this life is a real challenge.   

The Leg Ulcer Cover-up / Are you being fobbed off?

29 Jun 2017

Have you noticed how many people have permanently bandaged legs as they get older?  I asked a nurse why.

Smart Meter enigma

28 Jun 2017

There are TV adverts and lots of talk but what exactly is a smart meter?  LPG decided to take a closer look. 

The frustrations of getting through! / Overcoming the machine

27 Jun 2017

Have you ever tried to get through to your bank, the company who provides you with Gas or electricity, phone, insurance or some other service you use?

Power of Attorney : the practicalities

26 Jun 2017

So, having put plans in place for a time when you need help with your financial or health decisions all should be in hand.  Your attorneys are there to help you with what you can’t manage; there is someone who can talk to medical staff or go to the bank on your behalf...

Don’t Miss The Moment

24 Dec 0007

BN, has hit upon something that we often have and don’t make real use of.  Many of us see this as something that young people do but she has given us some really good reasons to follow their lead.  After all, News would not be the same without pictures.