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Pill popping the needs and wants..

16 Jan 2019

PC questions the nation’s need to take vitamin supplements and highlights the fact that up to 46% of the British indulges, perhaps needlessly?  

A better way to leave the garden

15 Jan 2019

TP offers a tried and personally tested way that some readers may be able to alleviate the pain that often results after a session in the Garden.

You can’t even give it away?

14 Jan 2019

YW has touched on a subject that we elders need to learn more about and admits that the point of the post offered today is to raise awareness in fellow LPG readers rather than provide any answers.  

Do something nice for your mobile phone.

13 Jan 2019

PR has devised a way to help you to extend the life of you mobile phone and impress your younger friends and family members at the same time.

Always wishing for the whether we can’t have…

12 Jan 2019

IO offers some ideas for getting a better night sleep during the winter months.

Personality pep talk…

11 Jan 2019

CL has put forward an issue which most probably will be recognised by quite a few of our readers as something that they can identify with while trying to encourage you to do something about it.

Home from home shopping…

10 Jan 2019

Perhaps KD is trying to tell us that it is time to prepare a list when there is any risk of your getting close to the shops once you get to the stage when confusion sets in (especially if you have a home from home lifestyle).

You are never too old to stretch a bit.

09 Jan 2019

We all know that HB has a point that has often been communicated on line but perhaps we need to do more than just listen and read…

Shopping; has it changed for better or for worse.

08 Jan 2019

DY comments on an experience about one way that childhood has changed during the last half century.

When you have finished talking disconnect properly…

07 Jan 2019

It is a bad habit that many more of us are guilty of as we get older but make sure the person you were talking to cannot hear you anymore when you really don’t want them to.  

How quickly we shoppers all forget….

06 Jan 2019

As MH mentioned, for many of us this is something that we all remember but the fact that it was ten years ago this week is quite alarming.  Do you remember what you were doing the day Woolworth’s closed its doors for the last time?

A bit of military help when you really need it.

05 Jan 2019

CS reminds all ex-service men that it is worth making contact if you find yourself in difficulty where a little input can make a sizeable difference.   

First get a friend to ask for you…

04 Jan 2019

If you are not sure that you are getting the best deal with your pension or other benefits but are worried about the consequences of finding out, JH’s thought could be a way forward for you.

Pets can make you feel younger

03 Jan 2019

MM endorses an age old notion about the advantages of having a pet if you are able and live alone.  

The balls of your feet take on a whole new meaning.

02 Jan 2019

KR has been given an exercise that may well help some of our readers and offers to share the secrets.  

Resolutions one year onwards

01 Jan 2019

One year later LB brings us up to date with her 2018 experience and offers a little advice as we enter 2019.

2019; what will we resolve to do with it?

31 Dec 2018

OV has a message for all people regardless of age and hopes that it will inspire as we all discover what 2019 has to offer us.  

The television timepiece.

30 Dec 2018

Perhaps RS is giving us a good reason to be an avid telly watcher sometimes

Small exercises to perform sitting

29 Dec 2018

HB offers some news about exercise advice.  There are many that will, if repeated, make a difference to the way that our older bodies perform and perhaps these are the ones which will make the difference for you.

Often seen but not noticed…

28 Dec 2018

OC has focussed on something that anyone who visits their local chemist most probably can see even though they often go unnoticed. 

Why not start using social media?

27 Dec 2018

It is sometimes thought that all social media is dangerous but there are some virtues of getting involved as long as you start small and stay aware of the information you are sharing.

A way forward for all elders…

26 Dec 2018

Perhaps DS is saying something that has been said many times before and will be said again. but it has to be something worth repeating until we elders take it on.  And LPG would remind you that we never tire of hearing from our readers so if writing is your thing we cannot wait to hear from you.

Straight to the point today

25 Dec 2018




LPG would ask you to take a look at our official Seasons Greeting by clicking on the symbol …

Grandparents it is too late for this Christmas again… but next year.

24 Dec 2018

Perhaps NG has found an idea that all LPG grandmas may appreciate the opportunity to be prepared for next Christmas. 

Thoughts on the Garden of life.

23 Dec 2018

NS offers us another analogy for good living and, even though these thoughts were written over sixteen years ago, not a lot has really changed.   

Retirement, something to look forward to or to be worried about?

22 Dec 2018

PM, like most of our readers has already trodden this path but has some thoughts for those who will arrive here in the near future.

The difference between Yuletide and Christmas

21 Dec 2018

PF points out something that is pretty obvious if we stop and think about it in preparation for two holidays which are quite close together in the winter calendar.

In defence of our National fast food (I mean) dish.

20 Dec 2018

KY has done a very good job of promoting the dish which arguably can be called England’s original National Dish. 

Making sure they are kept tidy.

19 Dec 2018

UB has a concern about what happens when the ability for making visits to see a late loved one in person becomes impractical. 

Disguising the red and skipping the word…

18 Dec 2018

Is it the taste or the colour that puts people off when it comes to eating beetroot?  If it is the latter RJ has found one possible solution…

What you give away while you are sleeping.

17 Dec 2018

This is not the most important thing that we need to know about ourselves but CP’s googling habit has prompted yet another interesting aspect of life. 

‘Perspective’ advice

16 Dec 2018

Perhaps JE’s perspective of the way forward could work for someone you know who could do with a new way to look at their own life situation.

Do you have it on your hands, or is it flying by?

15 Dec 2018

EW, has again found a subject to highlight that is arguably even more important to us as we get older, and  has offered some internet viewpoints for readers to take a look at if you have the time. 

I read it here and it worked for me …

14 Dec 2018

KY explains how an earlier LPG post inspired successful action.  

A 5-ball juggling trick that we should have been striving to perfect all our lives.

13 Dec 2018

Perhaps LR’s writings are describing a skill that you think that you have already reach the summit of but if the physical  hobby of juggling, which is described in the links offered are supposed to be easy what say life itself.

A hobby that will give you a buzz.

12 Dec 2018

The writer of this offering forgot to add their initials but LPG still thinks that it offers an opportunity for us to share information about one of the many hobbies that is often passed by.  

A very real invitation…

11 Dec 2018

Linda Killick offers all who have been touched by this illness an opportunity to share and benefit from the thoughts and feelings with those who know.

The doodle give-away.

10 Dec 2018

There are many ways that you can give your character away.  OY highlights how you can do this with a pen and paper. 

Someone who thought ahead…

09 Dec 2018

Perhaps SJ is right to jog our memories and challenges us to pass the message onto our children and do more than just keeping this subject in our thoughts. 

Dustbins and Driveways.

08 Dec 2018

OL highlights yet another way that older people can limit potential falls on our streets.

Off line letter tracking

07 Dec 2018

TM recognises the fact that one reason that people who send mail may be doing so is because they do not have all the computer skills and information needed to send an email.  

Somethings are better if you can find someone to work at them with.

06 Dec 2018

LPG suggests that you read this if you are a closet exerciser.

Basic mathematics, Resolutions, ‘Bah humbug’. ( repeated)

05 Dec 2018

This is a bit of news that, as promised, LPG is repeating today in the hope that there will be less people on their own on December 25 2018.   We hope that this timely reminder, though early, will be a consequence of a less lonely Christmas statistic when the big day arrives this year

My financial egg basket has moved further away!

04 Dec 2018

VT questions the ‘big business’ lack of feeling for customers that get in the way of commercial progress.

A number we often forget.

03 Dec 2018

SU has found a solution to a problem which could crop up just when you least expect it.

Indulging in too much morning shut-eye

02 Dec 2018

IP argues that it is so easy to miss a big chunk of each day while in the land of nod.

The shape you make when you wake?

01 Dec 2018

Perhaps HS has found the answer to the sleep problem that many older people suffer.  Although the video she has chosen is quite  lengthy there is a lot of information that could make a difference.

Scotland the brave (and ingenious)!

30 Nov 2018

LPG would like to acknowledge today’s significance as WJ helps us to celebrate Scotland’s special day.   

Round bits of paper are growing in value….

29 Nov 2018

Perhaps HW offers our readers who drive a bit of nostalgia and some news that could prove lucrative.

Why not learn and then take a trip

28 Nov 2018

For those who are looking, EB has a new challenge to offer our readers which involves no only doing, but also a reason to go. 

A funny looking Key but a key none the less!

27 Nov 2018

This is one of those little things that many people know but some don’t and as OB says it is the ladies that drive that really need to know about the wheel locking key.

The shake that might stop the knees from shaking and a little more?

26 Nov 2018

MH shares a five a day tip that might help your knees as we get closer to the really cold weather.

Basic mathematics, Resolutions, ‘Bah humbug’. ( repeated)

25 Nov 2018

This is a bit of news that, as promised, LPG is repeating today in the hope that there will be fewer people on their own on December 25 2018.   We hope that this timely reminder, though early, will be a consequence of a less lonely Christmas statistic when the big day arrives this year

The utility renewal jungle!

24 Nov 2018

WM gives an insight into just how complicated renewing your utility contracts are these days. 

Adverts and your full concentration…

23 Nov 2018

Perhaps DE will remind other readers to make a point of really listening and watching TV advertisements properly.  As is said in the post, so much information can be missed while up

Morning stiffness.

22 Nov 2018

Gentlemen get morning aches too.   KR finds some of the reasons why and also offers some links showing ways of minimising the symptoms.

Do you remember this lot?

21 Nov 2018

OB takes us a bit of the way down memory lane with the help of LPG’s links while highlighting the interest that younger people appear to have in the things that were so current back in our days.   

How best to let your money out of the pot!

20 Nov 2018

You too may have seen the advert that FR is referring to.  Even if you are past that ‘just retired’ phase or you have not yet arrived there yet, please warn anyone around you who is vulnerable. Or offer to be the someone else that sees the advisor with them.

Keeping it local.

19 Nov 2018

OW suggests a way to keep up to date on things local as well as worldwide and get some local heap every now and then too. 

If you’ve got it flaunt it properly!

18 Nov 2018

LC reminds blue badge holders that, if they don’t drive themselves, they need to remind their driver about the importance of displaying the badge correctly.

What is the level of your EI

17 Nov 2018

SF has found some information about EI which LPG knew nothing of before reading this blog, and left some interesting information on the subject which includes an online test to help you assess your level of proficiency.    

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it – YOU!

16 Nov 2018

LPG felt this to be a really important message to pass on to readers and can only apologise that it has taken us so long to get it through to you.  Bowel Cancer is a health issues that does not have to be a death sentence.  

New friends, new learning…

15 Nov 2018

PA has offered us a new reason to get away even if the only person you have to travel with is yourself. 

Don’t discount electronic proof.

14 Nov 2018

Remembering that you did, said or wrote something is challenging in itself but not half as challenging as providing proof that you did it.  JW shares personal lessons learned on the subject. 

Putting the pressure on beetroots.

13 Nov 2018

Something old, something new, KR finds something that sufferers of blood pressure may be interested in reading.

A seriously disrespectful action.

12 Nov 2018

Respect is something that we need to be talking about with our younger family members to ensure that they are not responsible for an action similar to the one that MA highlights today. 

I think anyone who ever went in deserves one!

11 Nov 2018

There are many ways of remembering all the wars and soldiers who fought in them.  PP offers this tribute….

Let the younger ones take the strain…

10 Nov 2018

KA has something to say to all those very willing retirees about finding the balance between offerings your help and doing what is best for your body as you get older.

A bit of a con then and now…

09 Nov 2018

TW offers us the chance to share something a little light-hearted with readers on a day when there is a lot more to remember.

Loosing your life to too much sleep…

08 Nov 2018

HS shares concerns on oversleeping; a subject that, according to statistics most elders have little experience of, and hopes that another reader can offer suggestions.   

Don’t keep it to yourself…

07 Nov 2018

MW highlights the importance of not keeping things to yourself; however embarrassing.

Unwanted emails and how to get rid?

06 Nov 2018

KW offers a little information for those unwanted received emails from a particular sender.

The importance of house arrest for your pets…

05 Nov 2018

LA reminds us that Guy Fawkes did not have the best time of it during the original gun powder plot but we can make sure that we remember to minimise our pet’s experience of the celebration.

What happens to time?

04 Nov 2018

ID offers some thoughts on an age old concept of modern life which attracts many theories, but while the acceleration of the passing of time is noticed by many, the question has yet to be really answered.


Please keep going.

03 Nov 2018

OC shares thoughts on a subject that we all expect we will experience one day, but that takes on a completely different reality when we are actually faced with it.  


One company often means more than one password.

02 Nov 2018

KT passes a really fundamental and easily missed fact about passwords; one that was learned through experience.

For pet’s sake.

01 Nov 2018

SW makes a really good point and there has to be a ‘peace of mind’ aspect to knowing that this problem is sorted no matter how young you are.

Halloween and our little ones.

31 Oct 2018

Perhaps LG has a point here and there is something that we elders can do to help the really young members of our families to be less influenced by this potentially frightening festival.

An alarming car key thought.

30 Oct 2018

UF brings us an idea of what it costs to buy a new car these days.

Looking through the winter window with that warm but misted view.

29 Oct 2018

KR had highlighted a subject that affects more of us than we think and the links provided would explain some things that many of us don’t give much thought to even though we sometimes look through misted windows regularly during the winter months

Protect your cheques!

28 Oct 2018

SB shares her concerns about the new questionably more secure and definitely more complicated methods of paying by telephone.  


Remembering the buses - back in the day

27 Oct 2018

JB takes us back to at time before Oyster cards and one man buses and gives us an insight into what it was to work as a bus driver.

Who will be there for you?

26 Oct 2018

KJ has taken the time to share a thought which younger pensioners need to think about.

Basic mathematics, Resolutions, ‘Bah humbug’. ( repeated)

25 Oct 2018

This is a bit of news that, as promised, LPG is repeating today in the hope that there will be less people on their own on December 25 2018.   We hope that this timely reminder, though early, will be a consequence of a less lonely Christmas statistic when the big day arrives this year

The summer of 2018; one to remember…

24 Oct 2018

MT makes some interesting points about the hot spell experienced in the summer of 2018.

Energy true or false?

23 Oct 2018

KW has found an enlightening bit of information on the subject of saving energy which could make a difference.

Are you still flying through life with emotional baggage?

22 Oct 2018

Perhaps JH has focussed on a subject that will trigger some anxiety but the first stage of getting through any issue is to confront it and recognise that you could do with some help. 

Winter Colds; may I be the first to ‘bless you’?

21 Oct 2018

Readers can find some really helpful information on Google and LPG would like to thank CP for sharing.  

Let the kids know.

20 Oct 2018

YG has a little advice; Mums and Dads please remember that the children worry too.

There are fewer age limits than you might think surrounding this one.

19 Oct 2018

CS made a valid point here.  Statistics show that age is not a barrier to a healthy love life for more over 65s than you may imagine, and if that is the case being forewarned is being forearmed

Loneliness verses insecurity

18 Oct 2018

LH has brought one of life’s conflicts to the fore here as she highlights our need for companionship and the way it conflicts with our need to be safe.

A phrase turned on its head.

17 Oct 2018

SE has found a film that may motivate readers if they have not already seen it.

Letting an inherited house?

16 Oct 2018

YJ has taken a look at the new rules surrounding the licensing of some houses and how they will affect our borough’s landlords.

House rules

15 Oct 2018

Do you think that RN’s observations on the subject of house rules ring true with your situation? Perhaps you will find something to smile about when reading her post

Digging the dirt again….

14 Oct 2018

JT highlights a few issues that may still affect Lewisham residents surrounding their rubbish.

Leave it at home every now and then

13 Oct 2018

Confidence is a really important part of doing so many things and CP reminds us of another area where not using it could help us to lose it.

Getting away in spite of it all…

12 Oct 2018

IY is thinking of getting brave in 2019 with plans to go on holiday and shares initial research into the venture.

One way to learn about IT.

11 Oct 2018

JW shares an achievement and suggests that readers who can, try to encourage those who are young enough but unsure, to have a go at learning a few computer skills. 

The meaning of a word

10 Oct 2018

ND makes a politically non-political point.

Always room for a little online calculation…

09 Oct 2018

Perhaps SW haS found a calculator that could spur some of our readers on to learn a few facts that could make them a little better off here.

That smell that can happen in the kitchen.

08 Oct 2018

We know that this does not happen all the time but most of us have experienced that ‘the fridge is broken moment’ at least once in our lives.  GE reminds us of a few alternative ways of dealing with a defrosted fridge situation.   

Now… Not quite so handy Lewisham.

07 Oct 2018

When approached at Lewisham Peoples day many of the people we spoke to found concerns that they wanted to share with the readers of our website.  EG offers us an issue that must concern some.  

Masticate at a slower rate.

06 Oct 2018

Perhaps it is a fact that our mothers and the authors of all those old wives tails can’t all have been wrong.  WH has found some interesting online information to back this story up. 

Other ways to see better for longer…

05 Oct 2018

AJ has offered us some interesting variations on the subject of taking care of and preserving the tools that allow visual observation.

Just a job of work….

04 Oct 2018

It is a little sad to hear a story such as JB’s, but thankfully they do not occur too often.  An important point has been made here though.  It is often said that one can hear some of what IS happening around them even when semiconscious and so what they are allowed to hear could well have a bearing on their thoughts. 

What to do when you remember that you forgot…

03 Oct 2018

WB reminds us of something that a surprisingly large proportion of readers apparently need to be reminded about.  

What to do when you remember that you forgot…

03 Oct 2018

Missed medication is more of a common problem than you might think. WB gives us a reminder.

Fingers And Toes Getting Colder And Older.

02 Oct 2018

MR has reminded us of a problem which some LPG staff members can remember well and identify with, and as winter 2018 looms we hope that the information offered at the bottom of the post will be helpful to any sufferers

Having your bag ready.

01 Oct 2018

It appears that we have DK to thank for LH’s very sensible thoughts of being prepared here.  LPG thanks both contributors for their ideas.

Useful things to learn about your mobile phone (Lesson 3).

30 Sep 2018

JE, advises that we need to check the data source when making virtually free internet video calls.

Taking a leaf out of the Spanish book of life

29 Sep 2018

SB had chosen a subject which affects us elders, perhaps more than any other section of the community apart from the very young and,  while the main occupation of a toddler is growing for which they need a lot of sleep, it is something we all need to focus on more as we get on a bit.

We are all on our way, but It ain’t over till the fat lady sings

28 Sep 2018

There are many aspects of death to be considered and YB has found some value in sharing the thoughts that occur at a difficult time.

It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it…

27 Sep 2018

JA is one of a growing pensioner group, the pensioners who commute, and her new regular traveling habit has thrown up another discrepancy that may well affect others.    

Keep talking positive…

26 Sep 2018

BR writes of subjective learning on a subject that is hard to cope with and tells us of a personal experience in the hope that his experience may help others. 

Bleeding radiators

25 Sep 2018

TS’s comment has reminded of a little job that can make such a difference to your heating.  Note her advice about the importance of getting someone to do it if you don’t feel equipped to do it yourself.

A memory for those old enough…

24 Sep 2018

LPG always appreciates a memory that will provoke a smile and considers FI’s to be just such a recollection.  As ever, You Tube has allowed us to provide a link to some footage of the series,  

Adverts: the visual and verbal small print. (lesson 1).

23 Sep 2018

TF has noticed something that many of the viewers of the advert in question are likely to miss.

Shoddy professionalism?

22 Sep 2018

WB brings readers evidence of the declining standards that seem to be part of modern living.  If this were the result of ordering privately would we pay without complaining?

International Day of Peace

21 Sep 2018

KD has hit upon a subject that perhaps needs more than a thought just today, but it is good to be reminded at this time.

Renewing online patient access.

20 Sep 2018

LPG thanks MT for this information that might make life easier for some fellow online patients.

So similar that I can hardly tell them apart!

19 Sep 2018

LPG has no doubt that YM is not the only one who has made this mistake.  Some mobile phones are very similar to the ones we use at home and perhaps this little story serves as a reminder that we need to look in the most unlikely of places when having lost something.

Something we need to remember when the receptionists forget!

18 Sep 2018

MT reminds us that although our doctor’s receptionists appear to be failing us when we book an appointment, there is an alternative and all we need to do is remind them when they forget to mention it to us.  

Not just one more lonely statistic.

17 Sep 2018

VN has found some information which may help some readers to rediscover one of those more fundamental skills that can so easily be forgotten if we don’t practice it regularly.  Initiating a conversation with a anyone can become quite an unnerving prospect if we don’t practice it.

Not a unique habit then.

16 Sep 2018

DK writes us a piece which centres on one of those habits that many more of us have adopted than are prepared to admit to, even though few will admit to, and brings us a little education surrounding why indulging is not such a bad thing.

Do you know about Law number ‘CUR reg 101’?

15 Sep 2018

TS highlights an interesting point for the drivers among our readers.

‘Never never’ then or now…

14 Sep 2018

PB comments on the credit trap that is accepted as part of everyday life in the 21st century.   

Perhaps ‘Perhaps’ is a better answer than ‘Yes, of course.’

13 Sep 2018

RM gives new meaning to the word ‘perhaps’ in this post.

Permission to forgive yourself.

12 Sep 2018

OC has offered us a personal piece of research into an issue which affects many people of all ages.

Giving your memory a physical workout?

11 Sep 2018

On the subject of improving our memories; TM has found yet another bit of interesting information for us and although readers may find it a good idea to try, LPG suggests that a degree of caution is exercised together with the others suggested…

Something else to downsize…

10 Sep 2018

We hope that KY may have found us a little advice that might make a real difference to those who have until now, had a life- long ambition to try to get a little thinner.  Please let us know if you try this.

Ask who and where….

09 Sep 2018

It is just a little thing but JB’s thought is something to be taken into consideration when making a call to a call centre these days.  

If you have to talk to yourself – say something positive!

08 Sep 2018

WG brings us something that works for some but not others. If you don’t try it you will never know if it works for you.

What we have to teach the young.

07 Sep 2018

WH offers us thoughts on the importance of interacting with the young and how being able to pass on our experiences to them can really make a positive difference to older people. 

Where has that gone now?

06 Sep 2018

Perhaps KE is sharing something here that all too many people experience with the consequence that they have similar fears to those mentioned in the post.  But there is positive news for us all.

Flies and walls…

05 Sep 2018

DT has a wish to pass on something learned, and that if more than one of your friends are telling you something it is worth investigating.

The two wheeled get away.

04 Sep 2018

KF asks an interesting question which LPG has tried to answer without a lot of success.

Having faith in me…

03 Sep 2018

It is more than likely that YD’s issues affect many older people.  We hope that reading about a similar experience will help others to recognise their own.

Pensions then and now

02 Sep 2018

TM has done a bit of research for us and although, it shows a positive result mathematically, perhaps most pensioners will agree that real terms are much more important than mathematical ones.

Purely hearing advice.

01 Sep 2018

JG has gone to a lot of trouble to learn a little about how hearing can affect the older person and asked us to pass the information on to our readers

Bathroom scales are not only for the young…

31 Aug 2018

Perhaps we all know someone who is losing a little weight and if it is a lady, and you tell them they will be quite pleased, but please take the time to make sure it is for the right reasons.  The article we are sharing today could indicate that is a little cause for concern.

Sleeping with Onions… who would have thought it?

30 Aug 2018

This is a pretty different way of keeping the blood healthy (unless you are a historian) and it just goes to show that one can learn the oldest tricks from the newest sources…

Three into two won’t go.

29 Aug 2018

DJ has a point of view which is not unique.  Do you have a comment to share with us?

That Friendless Feeling

28 Aug 2018

DL has introduced us to a problem that is often supressed by the people that are most affected     

Caring back then

27 Aug 2018

PA gives an opinion on the care industry and how it has changed since she was a part of it. 

Did you know that sleeping in a red light area can be good for you?

26 Aug 2018

Again we have to thank AH for sharing some really interesting research which we hope may improve the sleep habits of some of our readers although we hope that you will continue to visit our site earlier in the day. 

Electronic expression…

25 Aug 2018

Many argue that mobile phones have interrupted what was accepted life communication over the past twenty years or so sighting the phrase, ‘People just don’t talk any more’ but when writing to each other in this modern world, perhaps the emoji concept helps to soften the rigidness of the brief messages that have replaced the past art of letter writing. 

Long distance ‘happily ever afters’…

24 Aug 2018

CK has brought up a concept that is not that uncommon and as this post explains needs to be looked at from all aspects.

Who ever said it first, Voltaire or Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, they were right

23 Aug 2018

Most of the readers of this website will have, at some point, come into contact with someone who has some memory loss and will know the truth behind the word that have been shared in today’s post.

Our need to be needed.

22 Aug 2018

EL has offered us a message that is relevant to all generations.

Chopping off the Overhang.

21 Aug 2018

LPG thanks HW for recognising an issue that so many may find value in getting up to speed with, and hopes that in the height of this summer, the height of neighbouring trees will not be the cause of too many heated disputes.

Pram-pushing at my age…

20 Aug 2018

LPG thanks BJ for sharing her concerns when asked to be a hands-on grandparent and how she discovered just how many pensioners are employing their time in this way.

The paperless trap.

19 Aug 2018

KY has been reading our posts and offers a post script which needs to be emphasised.  Not being able to produce proof of address is not often necessary but when a recent bill is needed and not available it can make for complications.

Music while you wait…

18 Aug 2018

HL throws some light on yet another aspect of hanging on while waiting for the phone to be answered.  

Duplicate Duplication.

17 Aug 2018

It is common knowledge that many people in our section of the community appreciate information which is sent to us on paper but perhaps once is enough as LS points out. 

Little Libraries give and take…

16 Aug 2018

LPG learns of a new way to share the books that you have read, and obtain new reading material which will prove valuable to  observant passers-by.

It is all about the delivery.

15 Aug 2018

JR introduces readers to the pros and cons of another aspect of new technology and, though the article is meant to make us smile a little, there has to be advantages to having an intercom doorbell.


14 Aug 2018

LPG voices an opinion having been inspired by AH’s news post of yesterday and invites all readers to take a little time to respond.

Leaving our wealth of experience behind us.

13 Aug 2018

AH of Brockley has given LPG a reason to offer an answer to the enquiry posed in this post, and we ask that you look at tomorrow’s News article for LPG comments. 

Something a little different to do and give…

12 Aug 2018

LPG thanks LD for sharing another idea which may interest some of our readers.  We would welcome any ideas that our male readers have to offer…

Virtual life so often mirrors the real thing…

11 Aug 2018

LPG received this thought from AB and, regardless of her religious leanings thinks that bit of insight offered as to this particular outlook on real life may offer a positive motive for moving forward with aspects of ours.

The instructor was right

10 Aug 2018

LPG cannot help but be inspired by TR’s story and extends our thanks for this promised exercise update.  If you have anything to add, we would be happy to share it with our readers.

Pen pals revisited

09 Aug 2018

OS has taken the time to focus on the security aspects of becoming a pen pal while LPG has attempted to find a few more agencies that hope to connect more platonic pen pals.

Internal Irrigation!

08 Aug 2018

Adams ail is what water was always called and for many of us elders there was not a lot else to choose from back in the days when we older people were young.  The choices are so many now and perhaps we are too spoilt for choice but MJ has taken the time to remind us of the benefits of CO2.

Don’t pass this word around!

07 Aug 2018

KW goes back to basics as this piece gives some advice on how to invent strong and memorable passwords when you really need them.

Thinking ‘about back home’ today

06 Aug 2018

Perhaps today LPG is being a little indulgent by posting a poem in dedication to all the Lewisham pensioners who hail from Jamaica with the help of this offering from TM. 

We need to e-represent ourselves.

05 Aug 2018

WT has given LPG an excellent opportunity to remind readers that we always appreciate your help, as we try our best to persuade a few more of our readers to become writers.  If  you have any comments or criticisms about anything that you read on our website we would be more than happy to share them with all our LPG website readers.

Remembering the screensaver...

04 Aug 2018

Perhaps EY’s fascination with screen savers is a little off the beaten track but there is a lot of information and something to be learned about one of those components of computing that often escapes us.

Unticking the boxes.

02 Aug 2018

KT has again found one of those little facts that often pass us by and highlighted it for us. Downloading supposedly free information nearly always comes at a price these days as KT has pointed out, transferring programmes or apps onto whatever computer device never comes free there is always a price to be paid

Going back lock stock and barrel…

01 Aug 2018

UF has a little advice for any retiree planning to return to their childhood home.

A tip when choosing a care home

31 Jul 2018

RO makes some points which may help the relatives of a person who finds themselves in the position of having to find care home provision for a loved one

The result of my three favourite pastimes just for you…

30 Jul 2018

NS has been good enough to share a really valuable website for those who enjoy traveling but would rather learn about the smoking habits of the people that will meet them when they next travel.

The ‘new computer’ headache.

29 Jul 2018

SC gives a really simple answer to quite a complicated question and discusses getting a new computer without getting into the technical specifications.  The advice given about leaving the technical details to someone who knows a little more is also very sound.

Intake check…

28 Jul 2018

It is well known that many people of all ages eat too little; the trend is that many of us find ourselves at the opposite end of the eating spectrum.  HY shares one way of working which side of this scale we are sitting on.

Stranger things may have happened.

27 Jul 2018

HY has found a challenge for the Pensioners of the world and LPG agrees that Lewisham could possibly produce a record for the edition of the book which is in production at the moment.  Perhaps there is a record for the most peculiar record title which has not yet been claimed.

Get back into your swimming costume

26 Jul 2018

LPG has every confidence that everyone has heard of water or aqua aerobics but have you ever tried it. Water aerobics may be the way forward for you.

An obscure little publication

25 Jul 2018

WJ has found something that LPG had problems researching and appeals for the help of anyone who recognises the picture we have featured with this post.

Shopping then and now…

24 Jul 2018

Perhaps one of the things that this site offers is an opportunity to take a look at times gone by so that we can compare those times with now.  HY has some ideas to offer and LPG welcomes such comments.  If you think differently please let us know.

In defence of Facebook

23 Jul 2018

LS tells a story that is not unique.  One of the nicer things that Facebook has done over the years is allow people to find friends and family members. 

Reasons to get up and get going…

22 Jul 2018

DW has been inspired by Lewisham Hospital to bring us the message which interprets to remind us of the importance of routine in our lives.

Know your Limitations!

21 Jul 2018

Yw has taken the time to remind us that in spite of all the instruction in the world there are some things we should leave to the people who know.

LPG is asked for a little advice…

20 Jul 2018

LPG is asked for a little advice on a quandary which modern life has made an issue.  Our Editorial page-maker offers a personal point of view but LPG would be interested to hear from anyone with an alternative solution to EA’s problem.

An ICE list - Something to make sure you have when you really need it.

19 Jul 2018

EW reminds us of the importance of having those emergency numbers to hand, if or when they are really needed, and was reminded of this issue by something she read in an earlier LPG news post.  If something you read reminds you of another issue that needs to be shared please let us know.

People, books and covers…

18 Jul 2018

CB has shared thoughts on something that, as is mentioned in the post, most of us do without even thinking.  LPG applauds her for addressing her problem.

Proof of address is important for all…

17 Jul 2018

When moving there are so many things that need to be done, as JS observes, and this is one of those little jobs that can be sorted, but often gets left until the result is that one has to wait quite a while for something to be achieved because there is no proof of address in place. LPG hopes that JA’s reminder might help. 

The changing face of taking a dip in Lewisham.

16 Jul 2018

DW takes the time to take a look at another of Lewisham’s facilities and how it had changed over the years.

Chronological or Biological?

15 Jul 2018

KE has highlighted an interesting issue and LPG discovered some interesting information by trying the quiz that the post offers.

When you first go – take it slow…

14 Jul 2018

TR shares some nuggets of knowledge learned from the professionals about getting to grips with exercise.

Be the someone at the door…

13 Jul 2018

LJ has experienced just a taste of what being housebound can be like and shares a little of what she has learnt.

The beholder’s eye

12 Jul 2018

Perhaps the moral of this story should serve to remind us of the vast amount of choice that is open to each and every one of us, while it reminds us that we need to choose with the help of others but not exclusively.

Passing it on.

11 Jul 2018

OC has found a little bit of video which may well encourage any reader who is going through one of those negative sections of life that attacks us all at times.  If you know someone who is working their way through such a time, LPG asks that you pass on this inspiring bit of viewing. 

Take one step back and then look again.

10 Jul 2018

YF offers us another reason to take a step back and consider our options.

‘Belong’ for as long as you can.

09 Jul 2018

GL makes a point that has been made many times before and needs to be made over and over again.  Our sense of belonging is perhaps one of the most important emotions that we need to continue to experience in order to get through our daily lives.

Another way to visit family in residential care.

08 Jul 2018

JB makes a really good point when exploring the possibility of getting care homes to offer the facility of Skype or WhatsApp so that residents can have an added way of seeing relatives who cannot otherwise get to see them.

The Off-Peak Train Ticket Trap…

07 Jul 2018

JA has taken the time to tell us something that may benefit any reader who makes, or is contemplating regular journeys by rail. . 

Neighbours, Please Look Out For Each Other.

06 Jul 2018

Neighbours are perhaps the new version of a very important local family.  Finding people who live locally to you who are at the same stage in their lives can help with the all-important feeling of belonging that is so important to all human beings, and that can get missed as family move away. 

Trying to retain what is left of a natural smile…

05 Jul 2018

Teeth are often a commodity in limited supply as we get older, but YS makes some interesting observations having done a little research. 

If there Is a Problem with It - Phone the People Who Made the Phone

04 Jul 2018

annot make their phone work.  Hopefully reading it will help us to draw on this advice when we really need it.    

20/20 Vision?– Get an Eye Test Anyway.

03 Jul 2018

IG makes a really relevant point when suggesting that we all have regular eye tests.  This is one short article that everyone should read.

Paying Homage to My Favourite Actor and Giving Away My Age?

02 Jul 2018

that this favourite actor choice has given you a clue please feel free to hazard a guess.  In the meantime we hope that remembering Bert Lancaster will be enjoyable. 

Alarms we sometimes ignore and forget to maintain.

01 Jul 2018

LPG thanks PB for the issue that is featured in today’s news post.  Again it is one of those very important issues that so often gets, as the article says, ‘relegated to the bottom of one’s to do list’ and, that perhaps needs to be brought up to the top.

A day for the people

30 Jun 2018

LPG is aware that Lewisham People’s day will only be accessible to a minority of the readers that now brows our pages but wanted to remind the more local readers of its existence and encourage people around the world to get involved with their community events. 

Nails Can Be Done at Home…

29 Jun 2018

LPG would like to thank JT for taking the time to answer HH’s appeal and we hope that revisiting this issue will be if benefit to some of our readers.

Making a Move

28 Jun 2018

KL shares one of the often unforeseen fears that may only become real when one moves into sheltered accommodation and personal experience of dealing with and getting past it. 

Keeping abreast of what happens in care homes.

27 Jun 2018

RO gives us an insight into the real need for family members to take the time to make very regular visits to see their loved ones who live in care homes.

Our second first anniversary… (LPG’s message to our readers 1)

26 Jun 2018

LPG takes the opportunity to celebrate a significant day in its existence. 

Rate and check ratings when buying online…

25 Jun 2018

Online shopping can be perceived a bit like shopping in the dark but MH gives us an insight into one way of making a more informed choice when you are unable to try before you buy.

Don’t be a curtain twitcher.

24 Jun 2018

RP obviously finds this an issue that affects the lives of all the elders whose homes are more than the place that they spend evenings and weekends, as this problem is viewed from the perspective of a person who often feels that they are the object of the curtain twitcher.

Don’t speculate – open it up.

23 Jun 2018

HS has highlighted an issue that can have a real effect on some and offers a solution.   

Find stuff with Ctrl+F

22 Jun 2018

This is one of those little computer secrets that many of us know about but as RJ mentions keeping a computer diary can be a good way to practice on your computer or lap top if you still have one.

You could be ill, without feeling ill.

21 Jun 2018

You may well have had one of these checks in the past, but if you are not sure if it was more than five years ago and you don’t visit the doctor very often, perhaps it is worth checking to see if you are due another.

Something to do when you are traveling.

20 Jun 2018

LPG would like to remind readers that they can also take a little time to look at our site when traveling.  We always welcome your comments.

Take care of the pennies.

19 Jun 2018

NU has offered us a theory on one of those ideas that the Government have hinted at fairly recently.  LPG cannot help but speculate that perhaps today’s hint may become tomorrow’s reality

Full of Holes.

18 Jun 2018

Perhaps CH has voiced the opinion of many of our drivers and LPG would also add that the pavements have their problems and have to be seen as potentially dangerous to at least some of our non-driving readers.

OK as long as you don’t stop!

17 Jun 2018

The question of parking in our borough rears its head again today.  CE has some interesting observations to offer.

Stick with it!

16 Jun 2018

If we are honest this is the advice that every parent offers his or her child when their homework gets too much, but that often we forget the wisdom of as we get older and wiser. 

Knowing where to find it is the key.

15 Jun 2018

EW offers a little information that is not needed that often but, that can present a real problem when it is needed, and not available. 

All equal but different.

14 Jun 2018

LY has taken the time to remind us of our individuality and the importance of not forcing it on the people around us.

Appreciate your works…

14 Jun 2018

Perhaps JA tells a truth that you can relate to when suggesting that now is the time for us to stand back and take a proud long look at all our achievements. 

Short sighted seeing at night.

13 Jun 2018

WM offers us an interesting solution to what should not be a problem at all if we follow the online advice about how to get a healthy night’s sleep.  

Do I have to visit the GP to tell him I can’t visit?

12 Jun 2018

CP has focussed on a very pertinent point.  It is worth noting that some GP surgery’s missed appointment statistics may well be affected by their inability to keep up with answering patients’ general queries, directly or indirectly limiting the ways that they can be contacted.

I bet you’ve got an earworm.

11 Jun 2018

JF has found us a bit of information that, according to some internet sources, affects quite a large proportion of the human race, although it is rarely talked about and just thought to be a slight, or perhaps more than slight, annoyance that we have come to accept.

Breath your way to calmness.

10 Jun 2018

One of the LPG team had a go at this and found it very relaxing while it had little effect on another, but we are also aware that VB may well have a point when bringing our attention to the fact that anxiety attacks, no matter how minor, affect more members of our community than we may be aware of.

Your mobile could become a notification Pandora’s Box.

09 Jun 2018

KT learned, the hard way, that the sound of telephone notifications can be too much, perhaps it is better just to check the phone from time to time.

Street charity.

08 Jun 2018

MC has found a subject that has been in the news quite a bit recently and also shares her answer to the questions raised.

When you are only slightly ill?

07 Jun 2018

MT has found a little health-related information which, though free to most pensioners, has more impact on the time it can save the patient.

Clear your mind – think about nothing for a while

06 Jun 2018

If you can help GS in her pursuit of success in her chosen endeavour, please let us know so that we can share your variation on this theme.

Clear your mind – think about nothing for a while

06 Jun 2018

GS has focussed on, what is arguably, one of the hardest tasks for anyone to try but it might be worth having a go.

Hello Tenants, are you joint or common?

05 Jun 2018

This is not an issue that is easy to explain or understand for most of us, but PA has a point.  It is something that anyone who shares ownership of their house needs to get some serious advice on.  

Making Hands-Free Waiting Time Count

04 Jun 2018

Perhaps TF is expecting quite a lot although if you can perfect this multitasking method of making your telephone waiting time a more satisfying experience LPG would love to share what you do while waiting for an answer.

A Parent’s Legacy

03 Jun 2018

CY offers us her thoughts as a child and also as a parent; roles which most of our readers will have experienced from both perspectives.  Perhaps we are being reminded to maintain our financial perspective as we get older

Nothing But A Number!

02 Jun 2018

FN has a point when telling us that our first million may well be before us, but even if it is not we need to remember that there are so many versions of personal success. We just have to find ours.

How Fat Is Fat When It Comes To Your Cat

01 Jun 2018

IG has all cat owners in mind with this item and LPG thanks her for bringing one of those topics that few recognise as a potential problem to the fore.

Focus On Looking Good, Not Looking Young

31 May 2018

LPG respects JH’s opinion and suspects that quite a few older members of our society may have very similar views to those she offers in her message.  If this is the case offering your views to younger members of your family might be worth trying. 

The USP can sometimes miss the point?

30 May 2018

KE makes an interesting point.  Does our society depend on the replacement mentality these days?

The number at the bottom

29 May 2018

AJ has found a chink in our armour.  This was something that LPG planned to come back to but this contributor beat us to it.  Thank you AJ.

They’re always watching you watching them!

28 May 2018

There are some interesting facts to be learned here for the younger readers of our posts and LPG thanks KM for her insight. 

Note to self; remember not to get impatient.

27 May 2018

SW has a message for those about to retire which is born out of personal experience and observation of the elders around her.  Perhaps readers can compare notes and share their opinions. 

GP extended Access service has moved….

26 May 2018

LPG would like to thank MT for an update on one available service that some may still have yet to learn about.

Accessible electronic house deeds.

25 May 2018

It is possible that many readers already know this information but there will be others that LPG hope will find it useful in the event that you need to see your house deeds and have misplaced them.

Nearly kicked it.

24 May 2018

LPG is happy to report such a positive sequel to a post which appeared to have shown little success last year.  CJ has shown us that perseverance is the way forward in whatever we attempt.  

Keeping it real.

23 May 2018

OC has highlighted an issue that older retirees already know about, but younger ones need to hear. It would be even better if our gentleman consider it at the pre-retirement stage of life, so if you have any experience or comments to make LPG want to hear them. 

Getting all the kids on your side…

22 May 2018

LPG acknowledges that OP has found a subject that often is avoided by parents until there is no choice but to address it, and is doubly as hard to resolve if a loan parent finds themselves with this predicament.

Life’s Speed Limits

21 May 2018

JT’s, wise words are news to all of us who are over a certain age and some of the younger ones too…

First cigarettes, then mobile phones, what next?

20 May 2018

UR comments on the changing crazes and the way that films and TV affect our application of them.

Drifting off at the right time

19 May 2018

LPG did ask that readers tell us you concerns and AJ offers no solutions, but revisits all the questions surrounding getting a good night’s sleep.

Useful things to learn about your mobile phone (Lesson two).

18 May 2018

LPG has teamed up with JB of Lewisham to explain a really simple principle of making your mobile phone a more helpful tool in your life. 

Remembering passwords – just in case!

18 May 2018

KT makes a really important point about computer passwords in this post but the issue can also be translated to the PIN numbers that we use with our bank cards in the real world.  Perhaps letting machines remember things too often puts us in a position where we don’t have the details to hand when we really need them. 

A person first; disabled second!

17 May 2018

BR reminds us that achievements and positive living are possible to accomplish regardless of one’s physical limitations.   She reminds us that it is not easy but physical disability does not have to define anyone by highlighting the legacy left by one of Lewisham’s people of note.

This is Lewisham too!

16 May 2018

However miserable our borough is considered, Lewisham London has fared better than this Lewisham.  LPG thanks DM for doing the research.

Your computer does remember you…

15 May 2018

LPG tries to explain a really difficult concept in a really easy way.   Are they good or are they bad?   It is often said that they are dangerous but realistically, computer cookies are a fact of modern internet life.


Quirky QUERTY foreign exchange!

14 May 2018

PA has pointed out yet another of those little facts that manages to elude us until we are in a situation where the problem arises and there is little we can do about it.  So we suggest that you read this one if you think you know your way around a keyboard and plan to go abroad.

Focus on the future and let the past GO.

13 May 2018

than one writer broach this subject and there are two very obvious facts: - there is no one solution that will work in all cases and, if possible, it is something that each of us need to do something about.   LPG would welcome any other ideas and comments readers have to offer.

The full story in 20 seconds.

12 May 2018

On the surface this is a letter about how quickly an advertiser tells a story, but there is so much more than that going on between the television programmes we watch. 

Happiness, Women, Men and longevity.

11 May 2018

Pc has offered us an interesting bit of filmed information which is self-explanatory. 

Remembering a Radio Great…

10 May 2018

EW takes those of us who are old enough to remember for a short walk down memory lane while also introducing us to a very modern way to get there.

Can bad language ever be a good thing?

09 May 2018

AJ, poses an interesting question on which we all have opinions regardless of whether we do or don’t indulge in the practice.  LPG did not have to delve too far to find some interesting information on the subject.

Pen Pals are not only for schoolchildren…

07 May 2018

LY has a really good plan which could be a way forward for many computer literate pensioners but there are always going to be draw backs.  Please be careful and let us know of any advice you have to offer if you decided that a pen pal is the way forward for you.

The Leaflet lottery.

06 May 2018

RB has brought an issue that we rarely give a second thought to an airing, but having read the argument he puts forward are we any more likely to read those coloured bits of paper that land on the front door mat before you bin them. 

Weird questions and contracts.

05 May 2018

UT, brings up a rather important point which will not really have any significance until the situation comes up, but we hope that reading this will give you some insight about why the red tape is so necessary.

When is it an emergency?

04 May 2018

GD’s question is one that has been asked before and will be asked again. 

Think positive!

03 May 2018

Here is a lesson for us oldies.  WS give us a simple take on PMA.

Get one and give one; A friendly surprise

02 May 2018

Here is a bit of advice that LPG can only recommend.  LPG would like to thank DL for bringing it to our attention.

Know what you are measuring

01 May 2018

Older people tend to see their GPs more often but even if you feel really well all the time, it is well worth checking your blood pressure every now and then, and knowing what you are checking for.

What Difference Can My One Little Vote Really Make?

30 Apr 2018

GB makes a very pertinent point when appealing to everyone to vote and LPG passes on the sentiments of this reader in the hope that it will inspire at least one more reader to make the effort.

There is no time like the present!

29 Apr 2018

LD offers us some timely advice which we all know to be sound but sometimes need reminding of.

Kids; Backwards And Forwards

28 Apr 2018

This is a depressing subject but perhaps it is something to address from JB’s point of view, if you are still young enough to make serious contingencies for any possible future place that you may find yourself. 

Only half the story….

27 Apr 2018

LPG can see UF’s point of view, and while this black box idea appears to be aimed at new and young drivers, how long will it be before it affects every driver young or old?  Only time will tell if  that effect be for the better?


111 a real disappointment?

26 Apr 2018

PS is yet another casualty of a system which  appears to be failing to deliver what it promised.

Sucked into the Gateway…

25 Apr 2018

One pensioner speaks out about the effect of Lewisham Gateway on her living conditions.

Street 3D where perspective is key…

24 Apr 2018

Even though it was not created in Lewisham, please take time to have a really good look at the picture CH has sent to us, and then appreciate that it is just a street painting. 

What ever happened to the Dragon?

23 Apr 2018

Perhaps this is the one day in the year that the English have an excuse to celebrate their sense of patriotism and nationalism with pride but it is liable to pass most of us by.

Getting to grips with the shopping trolley.

22 Apr 2018

Did you know that we have been the ‘victims’ of these objects since there invention in 1937? Do you have the same problems as UB with them?

Atishoo’ or a hanky?

21 Apr 2018

This is an issue that will always present itself with split opinions attached.  There are reasons for both sides of the argument.

An alternative celebration of bravery.

20 Apr 2018

LPG brings you one reader’s thoughts on one of the significant events of an April 20th in the 20th century.

There is more to old age than being relatively well-off.

19 Apr 2018

NF, as a younger relative observing the results of getting older, makes a point that many will agree with when seeing this situation from an objective viewpoint, does perception change, as we get older?

Battery operated Gas metres?

18 Apr 2018

JW came across a letter that arose suspicion and we applaud her way of dealing with the situation.  This post will inform readers of this little known fact.

Two-way charity.

17 Apr 2018

PR has something to add to the item which featured as news on 31st March 2018 with the title ‘A good deed on the day’  

Do you remember Chiesman’s?

16 Apr 2018

DW reminds us of one of those once-prominent aspects of Lewisham that disappeared right before our eyes. 

Back to my Back.

15 Apr 2018

CP may have discovered some help for elders who suffer in this way.   It is stressed in the post that there is more research to be done here and we would recommend that anyone should consult his or her GP or pharmacist before beginning a course of this, or any other new herbal remedy.

Call it God or fate - there is always a way forward?

14 Apr 2018

IE reacted to the article we posted on January 15th and LPG hopes that her experience may be useful to other LPG readers.

Paper calendar power…

13 Apr 2018

suggestion that more of us revert to this old fashioned device.  

No one can really screen your stuff like you.

12 Apr 2018

LPG would stress their hope that all readers follow UR’s advice with a lot of caution but can see where such concern is routed. 

The ‘Before’ Picture

11 Apr 2018

KF has found another reason to make use of the camera feature on your smartphone or I-Phone.

Video Doctors?

10 Apr 2018

Perhaps, like RM, you have caught sight of this advert.  It brings up all sorts of questions surrounding the UK and the health issues of its residents even though we are particularly looking at it from the older persons point of view. 

Sitting on the move….

09 Apr 2018

We are pleased to be able to bring you the opinion of an LPG reader who allowed us to post this issue on his behalf.  If you have a comment please visit our contact page so that we can record and share your feelings on this or any other subject that concerns you. 

When you’ve got to go… GO!

08 Apr 2018

Perhaps this anonymous post does warrant some attention.  It is something that a parent of close family member is best equipped to pass on to the generations that follow them.   

Weird things on roundabouts?

07 Apr 2018

access it, but every now and then we are pleased to highlight something from out little corner of it.

Weird things on roundabouts?

07 Apr 2018

access it, but every now and then we are pleased to highlight something from out little corner of it.

Weird things on roundabouts?

07 Apr 2018

access it, but every now and then we are pleased to highlight something from out little corner of it.

Weird things on roundabouts?

07 Apr 2018

access it, but every now and then we are pleased to highlight something from out little corner of it.

Weird things on roundabouts?

07 Apr 2018

access it, but every now and then we are pleased to highlight something from out little corner of it.

A gentle awakening…

06 Apr 2018

PF may have come across a more pleasant way to get up in the mornings than has been available for quite some time, and that you might explore.

Never too old to set new goals

05 Apr 2018

Did you fail to carry through with your new years resolution. If so why not try this…

Nipping things in the bud.

04 Apr 2018

NN has highlighted an age old problem that often pin points elders. 

BM what?

03 Apr 2018

LPG is happy to bring you DP’s thoughts on a subject that affects us all.  Although we again would like to stress that stressing over the result will not make your reading any better, but we hope that we are able to give you a little food for long term, thought on the subject.  


02 Apr 2018

LPG fully agrees with OC’s thinking on this occasion. Perhaps overthinking the past is born out of not having enough to think about in the future….  

A less foolish thing to do on the day.

01 Apr 2018

FN would like to add a new celebration on April fool’s day.   LPG hopes that this new celebration is observed but not at the expense of the original light-hearted significance of the day. 

A good deed on the day…

31 Mar 2018

Like CDC, Downham, OY has concerns about giving to charity.  As a charity which is in need of funding, LPG can see both sides of the coin so to speak.

Keep your partner closer

30 Mar 2018

Here is something to think about as we get older.  If you are still lucky enough to have your partner with you please don’t take them for granted

How to tell them that they are wrong?

28 Mar 2018

EY, has a little advice for grandparents (and parents) trying to cope with today’s youngsters….

Fight negative thinking.

27 Mar 2018

Perhaps HS’s words will set you thinking a little more positively if you are feeling negative at the moment. 

Better than being a parent: being a grandparent

26 Mar 2018

Being a parent is an amazing experience. In fact, it can only be compared to being a grandparent. There are many reasons to think that being a grandparent is actually much better than being a parent.

What to do when everything is changing

26 Mar 2018

Are the changes in your life leaving you behind.  LPG gives some pointers as to how we can adapt more quickly.

A time to Celebrate

25 Mar 2018

LPG thanks CY for this memory which most probably provokes recollections of similar experiences throughout our borough and we hope that it will also celebrate memories of friends from a time gone by for many others.

How can you stave off dementia?

23 Mar 2018

LPG suggests a few things one can do that might keep Dementia at bay for a little longer.

My TV years and soap opera silences.

22 Mar 2018

KE has reminded us of some TV programs that could well bring back memories for  readers and we at LPG have tried to find short clips from each of those programmes for you to watch (if you have the time).

Bucket list: a source of inspiration

21 Mar 2018

A bucket list is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. Most people over-55 have one. Have you got yours?

You Tube, my newest teacher.

20 Mar 2018

OG has another short computer beginner’s class for LPG readers. 

Staying in all day? No way

19 Mar 2018

As we grow older, our physical faculties tend to deteriorate. This is a normal consequence of aging and even though we can try to stay active, our physical capacities decline as time goes by. As a consequence, some people slow down too much and retreat into their homes, and that is something that needs to be avoided

An old pastime brought up to date.

18 Mar 2018

Some of the facts that JF has discovered could be classed as depressing but there are some age old fact and statistics which are evidence of a surprisingly refreshing viewpoint.

May the luck of the Irish, and Nigerians, go with you today…

17 Mar 2018

LPG would like to take the time to wish everyone a happy St Patrick’s Day with special reference to all the Irish, Nigerians and engineers of Lewisham.

Does the biggest make it the best?

15 Mar 2018

AJ offers his thoughts and comments on a post we offered last year.

Tracker, or no tracker, get moving every hour.

14 Mar 2018

PT has a lot of good ideas and offers a realistic approach to using a fitness tracker; her news may make your future a little better. 

URL- check before you click!

13 Mar 2018

LPG wanted to share something that many IT savvy people will know but many also miss. Please take a look at what we have to say here. 

One of the consequences of ‘early to bed’….

12 Mar 2018

Here is an ingesting subject that we elders need to embrace. Have you any thoughts or advice?  

Absent mindedness or dementia?

11 Mar 2018

G J has hit upon in issue that worries so many as we get older but her slant on it may provoke interest from a different perspective.

What sort of Bus is a USB?

10 Mar 2018

LPG has tried to make this explanation a little easier, and for some it may make some sense, but note that we have also added some other online explanations for you.

Taking some of the guesswork out of parking…

09 Mar 2018

CE has found a little nugget of information that may make finding out a little more about Lewisham Borough’s rules regarding where and when you can park just a bit easier.

Those expensive little square sticky bits of paper.

08 Mar 2018

Many people are aware of this but like IJ, we at LPG, often forget such advice.  So perhaps this timely reminder will inspire you to add this item to your shopping list this week.

What we get away with...

07 Mar 2018

Here is something local that causes EN concern, and while we know it is not just an age specific problem that only occurs on that bit of road opposite the Town Hall, LPG wonders if a few of us have ever thought about how many drivers we have worried  if we try the Catford Town Hall crossing  trick mentioned.  

Being prepared is not all doom and gloom.

06 Mar 2018

This is not an easy subject to highlight but BI, brings something positive to the topic

What takes you back?

05 Mar 2018

ZY, has sent us a post highlighting one particular favourite from history, perhaps her thoughts will take you back to your favourite program.

What would Jeremy think?

04 Mar 2018

LPG believes that the scenario featured in this post is not only experienced by younger people and thanks NJ for bringing the subject to the fore. 

Trackers – good or bad?

03 Mar 2018

Looking at CP’s question got us Googling and wondering if compulsory tracking is a closer to becoming reality than we think?

Do you know what its worth?

02 Mar 2018

Like many others KL has thrown up an issue that many of us spend their time promising to do something about without ever getting started.   

Leeks and Daffodils…

01 Mar 2018

GD, reminds LPG readers of St David’s day and we would like, on behalf of all our readers, to take the time to acknowledge its significance and wish the Welsh all that their celebrations have to offer.

Don’t get really lazy until you have to.

28 Feb 2018

LPG really values the opportunity to bring advice such as this from IG.  It is a subject that we hope will provoke conversation amongst our readers, but please remember that if you have something to add we would love to be able to pass that information on via this website. 

The Power of a quick chat.

27 Feb 2018

NE has commented on the Samaritan’s new initiative to minimise railway suicide attempts in the UK and amalgamates it with some personal ideas.  LPG has put a lot of information on our editorial post please take a look.

Talking to myself and hearing things…

26 Feb 2018

Perhaps Bluetooth is not only for the younger members of our community? 

Before you get out of bed?

25 Feb 2018

Here is another reader’s view on the best way forward with exercise for the older person.  LPG hopes that readers can find inspiration in one of them, or offer something that we have not yet featured.  

Does anyone else regularly suffer from paraesthesia?

24 Feb 2018

LPG thanks MR for doing a little research on such a well-known but often ignored issue that affects many of us regardless of age.

Size Does Matter!

23 Feb 2018

JR has a story with a moral to tell today for all the readers who are exploring the internet shopping high street for the first time.

The Answer should always be ‘Why’.

22 Feb 2018

BH, offers her solution for dealing with a problem that affects so many of us.  Why?

Images designed to take you back….

21 Feb 2018

As with so many other London boroughs, if you take a good look around, the streets become a free art gallery.  There are so many diverse things in our borough and VY’s observation may not be for everyone, but knowing that does not alter the enjoyment of the jazz enthusiasts amongst our elders.

Giving away our power to choose.

20 Feb 2018

UR has hit upon something that we all need to think about if we want to preserve the values of one of our activities for the generations that follow us.

Questions, questions?

19 Feb 2018

LPG has given some very general advice on their thoughts on the answer to CP’s question, and as we have observed, perhaps Citizen’s Advice would also be helpful here. 


18 Feb 2018

KT’s advice comes into the category of advice that is so obvious but that we so often forget to abide by. 

Done over in 60 minutes!

17 Feb 2018

Many younger pensioners are also children who love their parents dearly but JF’s words of warning could stop the ultimate surprise from being a good thing gone bad. 

Happy New Year - Eastern Style

16 Feb 2018

LPG takes the time to wish all our far eastern pensioners a Happy Chinese New Year.

Your mouth doesn’t lie

15 Feb 2018

It is usually said that eyes are open windows to the soul, but did you know that the mouth is a window to one’s overall health? It has been proven that there are some diseases that have oral symptoms so, with examination of teeth, gums, and tongue...

Did you get one?

14 Feb 2018

LPG is offering nothing but questions today.  Perhaps you have missed an opportunity to raise a smile or make someone a little happier.  LPG has found a few ways that may help you to redress the balance. 

Why is my relative in a care home?

13 Feb 2018

There are postings on line about many subjects as perceived by experts, but LPG does its best to offer news from the perspective of the person who is most affected by the predicaments highlighted.  RO tells it from her personal viewpoint.

Why living in a home is a way of staying independent

12 Feb 2018

We all want to live as independently as possible, but sometimes we mix independence up with not needing help from others. We need to challenge this misconception. Saying that only when you don’t need help from others you live an independent life is unrealistic...

Self-centred growing up.

11 Feb 2018

LPG welcomes a reader’s comment which was provoked by an earlier post on the subject of why we need to take our children in hand, and remind them of some of the values we grew up with 50 years ago, if we want to improve the years that they will reflect on 50 years from now.

What are you letting yourself in for?

10 Feb 2018

More and more people as a result of the financial times that we live in are sharing AP’s predicament.  LPG offers a little information in today’s editorial. 

Shopping improvements?

09 Feb 2018

I do not get out as often as I used to and although I am not IT savvy I have found it easier to order my groceries via the telephone.

Your hint of a declaration?

08 Feb 2018

LPG would like to offer a timely reminder in the run up to Valentine’s Day.  You don’t know where it might lead.

+44 – careful which number you phone…

07 Feb 2018

This is a technical subject and may go over the heads of some of our readers but we know that there are quite a few who have friends and family abroad and regularly use video calling apps to keep in contact, and for them this is worth knowing.

It is worth checking your junk.

06 Feb 2018

FF has hit on something that is so obvious to many of us but that we often miss.   Our LPG editorial today might throw some light on why this happens.   

Keeping bits of paper – revisited…

05 Feb 2018

This news post was featured on our site on August 13th 2017 but we omitted to add the informative part of the post, something that we felt it necessary to rectify, so please take the time to read today’s editorial offering after reading this. 

Things I do ‘in the closet’.

04 Feb 2018

If, like JT, you feel embarrassed and self-conscious when doing activities in public, the advice offered here could be for you. 

A subject with an interesting and wide spectrum?

03 Feb 2018

Who knew that there was so much research surrounding this subject?  The last statement in this post is true and we would appreciate any ideas that readers can offer.

Things you can do with your hands…

02 Feb 2018

KK has put the challenge out there and, as she says it will only take a few minutes each day.  If you have anything to report please get back to us by going to our contact page.  We would love to hear your findings. 

Guide Dogs – a sighted man’s concern

01 Feb 2018

We would like our readers to know that we still take very serious note of the concerns of our readers however they offer us their stories, while LPG would again like to remind you of our anonymity policy and willingness to do any writing of the ideas that you offer.

Whales and the way we look?

31 Jan 2018

Gentlemen, we know that the ladies have problems admitting to this habit but we know that quite a few of you also indulge.  We also know that if you do, you will only be checking out the information links for educational purposes.

Lost but not forgotten.

30 Jan 2018

LPG hopes that GI’s humorous story will help some readers to think about this important habit.   Please read today’s editorial offering for some ideas about how to combat this problem if it is one that affects someone you know.  

Why not just eat it?

29 Jan 2018

RJ makes an interesting point do we agree with her thinking?

Sure ways to warm up

28 Jan 2018

Here is one of those things that can sometimes get missed and while there are many different ideas surrounding the right ways to do this, there are some fundamentals that we all need to be aware of…

A long way to go…

26 Jan 2018

Perhaps we will not all reach this ripe old age but this story gives a new perspective to the ‘age’ word…

You Will Always Need Toilet Paper!

25 Jan 2018

Here is a story that may make you smile, but it has a moral that might make your first exploration into Internet shopping a little easier.

Casting couches – one point of view.

24 Jan 2018

XX wanted to share a point of view but had very special reasons for choosing to remain even more anonymous than most of our contributors. Have you got an opinion here?

Hospitals; a personal Experience

23 Jan 2018

The experiences of our readers are the reason that LPG was first purposed and this one is  so relevant. 

Parents teach your children

22 Jan 2018

LG has a message that we need to heed and which could help to change family futures.

One special tree – the history.

21 Jan 2018

We are lucky enough to have received today’s offering because OV has taken the time to bring this little bit of Lewisham history to our attention.

Getting there…

20 Jan 2018

Many people already know about the power of Google Maps but for those who have not yet learned this could be an eye opener.

Lets All Get A Little Touchier.

19 Jan 2018

LY has hit upon something that we have found lots of information about online but we do need to be reminded of every now and then.

Another Way To Be Safe When Paying Online.

18 Jan 2018

There are many schools of thought when it comes to keeping your money safe when you shop on line and VT’s idea of keeping everything separate makes sense and could be the way forward for some readers.

Saying goodbye.

17 Jan 2018

LPG hopes that BR’s advice will be helpful to readers who find themselves with this problem and perhaps can provoke other solutions to be offered for posting on our site.


A Bit Of An Electric Shock!

16 Jan 2018

Here is one way to deal with all the bits and bobs that we collect over the years.  Though CM admits that it is not fool proof….  

The Blue Depression Revisited

15 Jan 2018

Do you feel that you are verging on the edge of being depressed?  LPG has some news for you today which could help to explain why and give an insight into a few ways to sort it.

Show your computer who is the boss!

14 Jan 2018

OG offers a bit of advice- news for those of us who are tittering on joining the club of despondent silver surfers.

Don’t leave it to all the others

13 Jan 2018

We all know it is true but perhaps we needed DL’s reminder about one of those things that we can do to make a real difference to someone else’s life.

Never Too Old To Learn

12 Jan 2018

Retirement is a perfect time to start doing things you always wanted to do but never had the time for. Finally, you have the time to explore your interests in more detail. Because people are never too old to learn new skills, adult education can be a very rewarding experience.  

Let’s face it: sometimes we all need some advice

11 Jan 2018

Most people have faced problems that seemed hard to solve. In these situations, getting the right help and support can be the only way to find out what to do. The problem is that sometimes we don’t know where to go to get  free, confidential and non-judgemental help.

Why should we be careful with herbal supplements?

10 Jan 2018

Herbal supplements are a type of dietary supplement that contains herbs or part of a plant used for its potential therapeutic properties. We don’t need a prescription to buy them and they can be good for us. But we have to be careful.

Learning how to learn at our age?

09 Jan 2018

There’s all sorts of news for us elders and LPG would like to think that KN’s offering will spur some of our readers on to achieving some really special things.  If these writings are the start of something significant in your life, don’t forget to share your experience with your fellow LPG readers.

Ladies and gentlemen, we should all be thankful for soap

08 Jan 2018

This is more of a revelation than news but LPG can see PB’s point here.  

PPI Deadline.

07 Jan 2018

The adverts are trying to bring this one to your attention and KE tells gives us his version of the rules.  See LPG's bit of research in today's editorial.

No water meter for me?

06 Jan 2018

PC’ story illustrates one of the many the ironyies of the establishment.  Please go to today's editorial page to read more information.

The yellow stuff in curry.

05 Jan 2018

So the question is are you into Curry? Because it appears it can do a lot of us a lot of good if we can find a way to let it.



Careful What You Flush!

04 Jan 2018

This is a prime example of bad news that we can each do our little bit to make better whatever our age

More nurses needed!

03 Jan 2018

The news here is BE’s perspective on what we can do to change the situation for those who find themselves in hospital in the future. 

Ready for next summer

02 Jan 2018

GW has a point to share by suggesting that we make some news of our own.  Don’t forget to share your experience with LPG after the event.

2018 and beyond!

01 Jan 2018

LPG hopes that making LB’s first achievement of 2018 a reality will help to keep her on the path that realises her achievements.

An LPG pep-talk

31 Dec 2017

LPG feels the need to remind readers to take a last look at 2017 before we move onwards and upwards….

The sunset law

30 Dec 2017

Some may argue with LPG’s thoughts here, but this bit of news is age old and always worth remembering. 

Alternative reality?

29 Dec 2017

Perhaps watching someone else’s struggle puts our own into perspective but, where make-belief was sufficient in the past,  many of us have grown into a species that needs to see these emotions for real regardless of age.  

What God Says About Getting Older

28 Dec 2017

As has been said before, LPG finds news in many shapes.  This is a little diverse but will add value to the lives of at least some of the people who read it.  

Spoiling for a fight?

26 Dec 2017

YB offers a little history lesson just in case you have the time to read it…

Basic mathematics, Resolutions, ‘Bah humbug’.

25 Dec 2017

This is a bit of news that LPG plans to repeat in the autumn in the hope that the readers it is aimed at will not only read but do something about it.  Happy Christmas.

Don’t Miss The Moment

24 Dec 2017

BN, has hit upon something that we often have and don’t make real use of.  Many of us see this as something that young people do but she has given us some really good reasons to follow their lead.  After all, News would not be the same without pictures.

Meal for one?

23 Dec 2017

This is the sort of news that often comes with the territory of being older.

Someone Missing,- they don’t stay young long.

22 Dec 2017

PF has highlighted an issue that perhaps is heightened at during the winter months, and LPG is happy to share her appeal.